Beauty Guru: How to get feathered and flawless hair

New school Farrah: Feathered and flawless!

When it comes to hair I'm known as somewhat of a connoisseur. Although I'm a makeup artist, I'm often mistaken for a hairstylist because of the different styles and the frequency that I change my hair. I've worn the classic ponytail, every braid design imaginable, long and short extensions, blonde curls, purple waves and even chopped my hair completely off. Throughout the years there's been many highs and considerable lows but I've always had fun with each one along the way. I've learned that my hair is my creative outlet and the ultimate way that I love expressing myself to the world.

One of my FAVORITE styles to date was a collaboration between hairstylist, Misty Untouchable, of Indianapolis, Ind., and me. It was a creative explosion of extensions cut in Farrah Fawcett layers, dipped in blue, pink and purple. We tricked out the 70's throwback by adding a modern touch to those well-known iconic-feathered curls.

Steps to achieve Today's Feathered Farrah: Full head Sew In with extensions

Things you'll need: Curved hair extension needle, Thread, Scissors, Cutting Razors

  • · Choose 2 or more bold colors that compliment each other along with a base color to anchor the style. In my pics I'm wearing blue, pink and purple in the front to frame my face and color #4 everywhere else.
  • · Start by corn rolling clean natural hair into a circular pattern
  • · Measure the extensions up against the length of each cornrow and cut the weave track to fit.
  • · Thread the needle and begin sewing the first measured track on the braided row right above the neck. Sew the track into the braid with the needle to the end of the row. Continue this process until finished knotting the ends securely. Be careful not to overlap. Add the color extensions wherever they'll be the most vivid throughout the hair.
  • · To cut layers into the hair: Take sections of the hair that you want layered (start around the face) using the razors, hold them at the length where you want the first layer to start. Angled at 45 degrees, hold the razor while pulling the hair away from your face; begin cutting the layers into the hair moving the razor in a diagonal line from the front where your top layer will be down to the bottom of the hair close to your hand. (Cut in wide diagonal line for long layers/short diagonal line for shorter layers).
  • · Before styling, comb through hair to rid any cut pieces. Section hair and begin flat ironing, curling backwards away from the face. If cut correctly, each section should fall into place laying on top of each below section hence the "feather" effect.
  • · Once finished, finger comb through hair to style or use a wide toothcomb.
  • · Lastly, shake in the wind and catch the compliments!
***TIP*** Use Flexi Rod Super Rollers a few time a week instead of applying heat to hair daily. (Sally Beauty). Also, cover hair at night with a satin cap or scarf and/or sleep on a satin pillow cover instead of cotton.