Beauty Guru: Feel stylish for fall with a modern pixie and messy black liner

It's time to explore the fabulous fall trends, from pixie cuts to messy black liner. As much as I love summer, I love all things fashionable about fall - the boots, the blue jeans, the chunky sweaters, and the hair and makeup. Some of my fall favorites this year are the modern pixie and messy black liner. These are two looks that are great for just about everyone. Pixie cuts and messy black liner are easy to style and easy to wear. Do you think you'll try one?

The modern pixie cut. It used to be that only long hair was fashionable, and short hair was seen as well, practical. And matronly. But thanks to a plethora of stars shortening their strands, from Emma Watson, Halle Berry, and now, Miley Cyrus, shorter looks are so chic. I just love flipping through fashion mags and finding locks of all lengths. This is great news for fine haired girls like me, who need a short haircut to plump up limp strands.

Get the cut. This season the pixie cut is still the style to try! The best part is that it is customizable to all face shapes, hair types, and lifestyles. I prefer an asymmetrical pixie cut, with long, razored, choppy layers on the front, a side swept, angled bang, and very short in the back.

Get the color. Great color is the best way to add coolness and style to your pixie cut. I love super light, cool toned, super blond highlights. Lots and lots of them. The great thing about wearing your hair this short is that you can change your color often. It grows out more quickly, so your hair won't get damaged as easily. You can also add a few fun pops of color, such as brightly colored extensions, purple bangs, or even bright red panels underneath.

Get the style. Styling a pixie is super easy. Start with damp hair, and apply a dollop of styling cream all over. Blow dry, and begin to finger style. I like to make the back either messy or spikey, depending on my mood. Then, I'll move to the top, and either use a small round brush, if I want a smoother look, or my fingers, for a messier look. I hold my hair straight up and away from my scalp while I blow dry the roots for volume. I push the hair this way and that, until I get the shape and style I like. Then I use a pomade, such as Molding Mud by Sebastian, or a little Miracle Texture Fiber, by It's a 10! I just emulsify it between my fingers, and pull it through my hair. This gives me lots of volume and texture. And I finish with hairspray to keep it in place - either Sebastian Zero Gravity hair spray or Hard Head Hairspray by Bedhead/TIGI. Ok, it's so easy you could say it's practical, but it's not your old-fashioned, matronly haircut, either. This kind of modern pixie cut style is definitely fun, stylish, and eye-catching.

Messy black liner. I hate to admit it, but I loathe giving up my black eye liner for the summer. I feel a bit, well, naked, without it. And I'm thrilled to see that black eye liner is a great compliment to this seasons black leather styles (the more black leather the better! Wear it in boots, pants, skirts, vests, and jackets), glittery jewels, and modern, over-the-top glamour. I like to start with brightly colored eye shadow- Urban Decay Fishnet is my total favorite for fall - and apply that to my eyelid, below the crease. I also like to put a lighter color, such as Polyester Bride, from the crease to the brow bone, and in the inner corner of my eyes to brighten my eyes a bit

The cat eye. If I'm going for a cat eye, I like to use Two Faced 3 Way Lash Lining Tool. It looks like a marker with three tiny points. Here's how to apply it. Start at the inner corner of your upper eye lid, and create a skinny line as close to your lashes as possible. As you get towards the center of your eye, widen the line to make your eyes look bigger. Then, make the liner thinner towards the outer corner of your eye, and flick the ends up. Then create a thinner liner all the way across the bottom eye lid, as close to your lashes as possible.

The round eye. For a rounder eye, I like to use Sephora Nano in Glitter black. This creates a great, smudgey, messy eye. Sharpen the pencil, and using tiny strokes, create a line all the way around your eyes. Keep the line thin in the inner corners of your eyes, and thicker as you move towards the outer corners of your eyes. This will give the illusion of bigger, wider eyes. If you desire, go back and smudge the line with an eye shadow applicator or a cotton swab. It's always better to start with less, then you can add more liner until it's as thick and messy as you like. If you make a mistake, just put a little eye makeup remover on a cotton swab and wipe it away. Always finish up with two coats of volumizing mascara for big, lush lashes to complement your messy liner.

Whether its hair or makeup, I personally prefer a look that isn't too precise, but what do you like best? Do you like a messy pixie cut or a perfectly neat one? Do you like messy eye liner or a more precise line? Do you think you'll try these styles for fall?

Amanda Furbeck is a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru, cosmetologist, and blogger at Read more of Amanda's articles at Yahoo! Shine.