Beauty Guru: Fix 5 Common Beauty Problems with Items from Your Medicine Cabinet

Okay, I admit it. It's not unusual for me to haunt the beauty supply store on payday. I also hover around the mailbox at noon to pick up any trial packages that I regularly sample. I can't wait to take home my goodies and put them to work. (What can I say? Some girls love shoes, but I love makeup and skin care!) However, if you're facing a common beauty problem like under eye circles, chapped lips, or a hugely noticeable zit, you can probably find help right in your medicine cabinet. Fix these top five common beauty issues with products you may already have.

Shrink a zit: You know the rules: popping a zit with your fingers can leave scars or create more zits. So what's in the medicine cabinet? Visine! Squeeze a drop or two of the eye drops directly on the zit. Give it 24 hours, and you'll see that zit shrink. I love this medicine cabinet solution.

Soothe chapped lips: Brush your lips gently with a soft toothbrush. This will remove any loose lip skin. Dab petroleum jelly on your lips using your fingertip. Voila! Supple and soft lips.

Need a smooth shave: I hate it when I have half a bottle of conditioner left when all the shampoo is gone. Still, you don't have to toss out the conditioner. Next time you want smooth, sexy legs, use the conditioner as a shaving gel. This is the perfect solution if you have super-dry legs.

Funky looking toenails: Hmm… if your toenails appear yellow or smell funny, you could have a toe fungus. Don't put those sandals away. Rub or smear a dab of menthol rub, like Vapor Rub, on your toes. If you do this twice a day for a few weeks (sometimes, it may take months), you can fix that yellow nail problem.

Puffy eyes: It's the night before an important event and you just can't sleep, or maybe you did sleep, but instead of waking up with a bright-eyed look, your eyes appear as if you were in a boxing match the night before. So what can you do? For this common beauty problem, reach in the freezer, not the medicine cabinet. Before you put on your makeup, lay a bag of frozen vegetables, or a zippered bag of ice, across your eyes. Sit back and relax for five minutes. Other cool everyday fixes for puffy eyes include cucumber or potato slices. Save your morning tea bag, too, because the tannins in tea help alleviate puffiness.

Now you're ready to handle those common beauty problems with items from your medicine cabinet! So, now do you really need that pricy eye serum? Well, maybe not, but I've got a little extra room on my vanity table. (Okay, tables.)

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