Beauty Guru: Getting Ready for Summer Skin

Smooth, healthy skin is something all of us girls want, right? No one wants to go to the beach or pool makeup free with blemish stained skin. With summer right around the corner, today is the day you get your skin under control.

For the longest time I combated somewhat blemish-free skin. Whenever my skin was looking almost nice enough not to wear makeup, something would begin to grown in my pores erupting into a red, tacky mess. Again I would have to apply concealer and powder, hiding my face from scaring those around me. I got seriously sick of dealing with this, and who wouldn't? Especially in my thirties, here I am dealing with pimples and wrinkles.

Finally I broke down after watching one Proactive commercial after another and purchased a kit. The kit is simple to use. It is number coded. Step one is the cleanser you wash with. Apply and wash away. Step two is the toner. Use with a cotton swab and swipe across your face. Step three is the repairing treatment. Use another cotton swab and apply to your face.

When you subscribe to Proactive you are also are able to choose a couple of free gifts. I chose the dark spot remover. Hoping it would help lessen the appearance of the spots left on my face from breakouts, I apply this product on my face after the step three. Over time it does work. I also have a spot-on-treatment in case of a breakout. Since beginning Proactive and using it religiously, I have not had to use it. What a wonderful thing.

As stated previously, I am in my thirties. Being in your thirties brings about changes in your skin resulting in fine lines and in my case forehead creases. Forgetting sunscreen and not wearing a hat for the first twenty-something years of my life has allowed sun damage. Nightly, I apply Roc Deep Wrinkle treatment to my forehead, under eyes, laugh lines and neck. I have been using Roc for over a month and I can definitely notice some changes. They are good changes. I laugh at that commercial, though not promoting Roc, that asks if you are growing old waiting for you wrinkle cream to work. With this one, I don't believe I won't.

Have you finally found the skin care regime that works for you? What is it?

Leigh Ann Fisher is a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru, Former Kitchen Designer, Mom of Three Girls, Wife for 12, Weather Watcher, Recipe Addict, Sometimes Blogger at SaltyHeirs and Lover of All Things Pretty.