Beauty Guru: Go Glamorous with a 40s Inspired Look

From the wild, complicated eye designs of the 1980s to the cute-as-pie lips of the 1920s, I can honestly say I love all the beauty decades. In my role as Beauty Guru, I've had the opportunity to make up dozens of brides in themed and traditional weddings; many took inspiration from my favorite beauty decade, the 1940s. Hollywood's Golden Age sparkled with stars like Vivien Leigh, Rita Hayworth, and Gene Tierney. Even today, I love hitting the couch with my makeup bag while solving a mystery with Tierney on "Laura" or watching Hayworth dancing with Gene Kelly in "Cover Girl." Fortunately, it's one of the simplest looks to achieve with the focus on femininity and softness rather than the sparkle and tone.

Must Have Powder

My natural tendency is to skip the powder; I'm so busy. But if you want a true 40s-inspired look you need powder. Sweep on a translucent powder that is close to or slightly lighter than your natural skin color. Brush it on, starting at the forehead and swirling down to the neck. Personally, I put the powder on after my foundation but before my blush. I find that applying it after my blush washes all my color away.

Show Those (Slightly) Rosy Cheeks

You can't get heavy-handing with this makeup style. Get a true, retro 40s makeup finish by brushing on a pink powder. Don't start at the apples of your cheeks and sweep back; instead, put the brush right in front of your ear and sweep forward. This small difference in brush movement makes the cheekbones stand out beautifully.

Minimize Your Eye Makeup

Since the eye look for the era is minimalist, except for the mascara, it's important to have a smooth eyelid. This Beauty Guru recommends a light smear of eye primer before applying a creamy eyeshadow to the lower lid. Find an eyeshadow that matches your skin tone or is only slight darker. (Stark blue or neon green isn't the right eye makeup for this glamorous look.) Next, line the top lid only, creating a slight wing at the tips. Don't over do it with a heavy application. That's too 60s! Apply lots of mascara for long, fluttering eyelashes.

Emphasize Your Arches

The high arched eyebrow is synonymous with this look. Pluck the brows regularly to get this thin, manicured shape. I recommend using a waterproof eyebrow pencil to fill in gaps and add definition.

Finish With a Monotone Color

Besides the arched eyebrows you must have red, monotone lips minus the shine and glitz. Line the lips, following your natural lip line. Giant, puffy lips aren't very 40-ish. Again, here's where a primer makes a difference. Apply a lip primer then tap on a flat, orange or pink-based red lipstick. Blot the lipstick with a tissue and you are ready to go.

Finish your makeup style with a classic 40s updo or a long, curled look.

Do you have an retro outfit to pair with this gorgeous look?

Monica is a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru who spends way too much playing with eyeshadows on the weekend. She's written hundreds of beauty articles and prides herself on her matchmaking abilities. You can follow her on Twitter or visit her writing profile.