Beauty Guru: Guide to Getting Rid of Hand Warts

You didn't handle any frogs (or kiss any, thank goodness), but you've got noticeable warts on your hands. Weird-looking and sometimes painful, a wart can really put a damper on your self-confidence. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, all warts are caused by the human papillomavirus and they can be contagious. The AAD explains, "You are more likely to get one of these viruses if you cut or damage your skin in some way." Warts can disappear on their own but who wants to wait for months, or longer, to hold your sweetheart's hand?

Luckily, there are lots of reliable solutions for this cosmetic problem. You can consult a physician or try a home remedy. If you decide to work with a professional, he or she may suggest some of these options:

  • Cantharidan: A topical treatment that physicians use to blister away the wart. You will likely need several treatments to get the results you want.
  • Cryotherapy: This is an effective treatment. It involves freezing away warts, but there is a downside. Freezing off a wart can leave a dark spot or a permanent blemish.
  • Curretage: If you can handle some discomfort, ask your dermatologist to cut away the wart. You will need some healing time, and you have to protect the wound for several days to stop further infection.

If you can't see a dermatologist or prefer to try a home remedy, you do have a couple of reliable options. The downside is home remedies can take much longer than a dermatologist's procedures, and you can't hide them.

The Tape Method

This inexpensive method can take a few weeks or months, but it does work! Start with clean, dry skin. Clip a small piece of tape off the roll of duct tape. Cover the wart with the tape snippet. Smothering the wart, that's cutting off its oxygen, will kill it. You will have to replace the tape if it comes loose but use caution. You will eventually pull away the dead skin, and you could expose your hands to the virus. Wear latex gloves when cleaning and caring for warts.

Over-the-Counter Products

You can purchase over-the-counter products containing salicylic acid from a pharmacy. These products come in pads, gels, and liquids that you dab on the wart. Like the tape method, start with clean, dry skin. Dab the product directly on the wart but don't touch the wart if possible with your fingers. Cover the area with the recommended bandage and let the acid dry. You should treat only the wart, not your surrounding skin.

The ADA says that there is no cure for warts, but you can effectively treat this common problem and stop worrying about sharing this virus with others.

Monica is a Yahoo Shine Beauty Guru who likes creating her own mineral makeup and teaching others how to have healthy skin. As a professional cosmetologist, Monica believes that good skin care is the nicest thing you can do for your skin.