Beauty Guru: Holiday Party Makeup How To

Go Glam or Stay Home

End of the year holidays are always the most glamorous. It seems like the colors are more vibrant paving the way for cheerful smiles everywhere. One of my favorite things is getting suited up for the after work office parties. Obnoxious co-workers who believe that your life revolves around that nine to five bare face can hardly contain their envy when your glam side shows up and turns up more than the egg nog.

Below are the steps to going glam anything else is just wasting your time:

1. Evenly apply an illuminating foundation or try mixing a small amount of liquid highlighter (Smashbox makeup highlighter) with your foundation. My current foundation fixation is Lancôme's Teint Visionnaire skin perfecting makeup duo. I lightly press it into the skin with a wedge applicator.

2. Apply a shadow primer over the entire eyelid with a wide, stiff shadow brush. (MAC Prep+Prime).

3. Eye shadows for this article all by MAC: First, apply Bare Study as a base and brightener. Secondly, apply a matte pop of color such as Passionate inside the creases and to the outer corners of the lid. Brighten everything up with Ricepaper added to the inner corners of the eyes blending inward to the halfway point. Also, apply the same color to the brow bones. Take a clean small blending brush and blend away any harsh lines.

4. Apply a dark liner to the top of the lids it doesn't have to be black; plums, purples and, charcoals look very nice. Smudge the same liner on the lower lines. Attach individual lashes to the outer corners of each; three on the bottom and top is plenty or as many as you like. Lengthen lashes with a generous coat of Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara.

5. Hug your cheeks with your favorite blush. My face glows with Mally's Shimmer, Shape and Glow kit which contours fabulously around my round face. Apply the highlighting powder just above the blush and down the bridge of the nose.

6. Swipe sexy Viva Glam Nicki lipstick to the middle bottom and top lips for dimension then line both lips with MAC Cherry.

7. Use a grade A translucent powder to finish the look and get your face to that party.

Quick Tips: Start with clean, moisturized skin. Don't forget to sculpt the eye brows using a lighter foundation or shadow primer (see my October article). Contour and apply blush at the same time by adding more blush to the brush with a dab of contouring powder going upwards to the temples.

Individual or strip lashes, which are best? Respond below.