Beauty Guru: Makeup Tips from the 1940s that Are Still in Vogue Today

Everything Old is New Again!

When I was a child, I would sneak out of bed in order to watch the late, late night movies starring Ava Gardener, Katherine Hepburn, Olivia De Havilland, and her sister Joan Fontaine. Even though the movies were in black and white, I thought their natural beauty still seemed to radiate from the television screen.

I was so delighted as I watched the slideshow provided by Harper's Bazaar featuring the hottest makeup trends for spring 2013. The models on the catwalk were featured with various shades of red lips, dewy complexions and lush lined lashes under more natural brows.

While the clothes were from 2013, the makeup looked a lot like the makeup seen in My style board. It is full of images from the '40s depicting women with dewy skin, lush and lined lashes under perfectly arched brows.

The neutral and nude looking eyes picked as one of spring's 2013 hottest makeup trends were created using browns, pinks and grays. These are the same colors worn by women in the 1940s. The lush and lined eyes seen today were also worn in the 1940s. The makeup is far superior today. No one needs to crush up charcoal and mix it with Vaseline because the mascara is sold out.

While I am unsure how the makeup artist achieved the dewy skin on the models from 2013, I do know how it was done in the 1940s. They would apply a foundation that was a shade darker than their natural skin tone and then cover with face powder that was a shade lighter.

The method used to achieve a more natural brow is the same now as it was in the 1940s. Put down the tweezers and pick up an eyebrow pencil while your eyebrows grow back. After drawing a solid line, feather it out with a brush.

Red lips, in various shades from corals to black cherry was the rage in the 1940s just as it is today. It was considered beautiful to have a full rounded upper lip as opposed to the exaggerated cupid bows worn in the '30s. A lip pencil was a must if a woman did not have naturally full upper lips. The lips' shape was drawn and then filled in with a lipstick a shade darker.