Beauty Guru: Moisturized Skin Secrets

Why My Skin is the Best It's Ever Been

At nearly 28 years old, I'm sitting here with some of the best skin I've ever had in my life. Like many people, I battled with acne even into adulthood. I've also dealt with dry skin due to living in a dry, desert climate and have experienced bouts of dreaded "dull and lifeless" skin as well.

Over the years, I've discovered what worked for my skin -- skin that, to my surprise, now earns me compliments from others. My secret? Moisture. Lots and lots of moisture. Below I've shared three of my moisturized skin secrets:

I Only Wash At Night
Every time you wash your face, you wash away your skin's oils. When struggling with acne, I found that my skin got worse the more I washed it. On a whim, I decided to skip my morning wash and was surprised at how great my skin felt throughout the day. If I have excess oil buildup in the morning, sometimes I'll massage it into my skin. Other times, I'll simply wash with cool water and wipe with a clean towel before applying makeup.

I Always Apply a Serum
Serums are moisturizer that penetrate into deeper layers of the skin. I never, ever, ever go without a serum after washing my face. My favorites at the moment are Skin & Co's Truffle Velvet Serum, which I apply in the morning before my sunscreen, and Darphin's 8 Flower Nectar Elixer serum

Once my skin is almost 100% dry, I apply the serum. If you want to apply another moisturizer or sunscreen, do it on top of your serum. While serums penetrate the deep layers of skin, lotions and creams create a barrier to skin from the elements.

I Employ the Oil Cleansing Method
It may sound weird to clean with oil, but hear me out. Even if you have oily or acne prone skin, this could solve your problems. The oil cleansing method, commonly abbreviated OCM in the skincare world, is exactly what it sounds like: cleaning your skin with oil. I cleanse my skin with mineral oil once or twice a week and not only does it soften and moisturize my skin, but it gets rid of little bits of buildup from my pores. You can actually feel the little, gritty pieces popping out as you clean, which is an awesome feeling.

I use basic mineral oil (found in the digestive section in any health or convenience store). You can also use baby oil, which is scented mineral oil. On a makeup free face, I apply four to five drops of oil, massage it into my skin and let it set for 15 minutes. This lubricates the pores and allows the gritty pieces to pop out easily once you start to massage. I massage my skin for three to four minutes and then use a warm and wet cloth to wipe the oil off.

Bonus moisturizer tip: Always wear sunscreen.
A good rule of thumb is to wear sunscreen from the chest up. Any part that's exposed to the sun is susceptible to burning and, consequently, drying out. Sunscreen equals supple skin!

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