Beauty Guru: How to get newsprint nail art

Nail art is all over the web! Including THIS Shine Beauty Guru assignment! Every few pins from Pinterest are nail art. Some people have major talent and major teaching skills too! One of my favorites is Newsprint Nails. I promise, it's WAY easier than it looks!

It took about 20 minutes in all to do this manicure. Waiting for nail polish to dry was the longest part. Here's how to…..

1) What You'll Need

Rubbing Alcohol (or any kind of strong liquor) poured into a small bowl

Small Strips of Newspaper (wide enough to cover the nail)

Nails With A Dry Pale Coat of Polish On Them

2) Dip Your Nail

Dip your nails in the bowl of rubbing alcohol for 5 to 10 seconds. You want it to be soaked.

3) Press On the Newspaper

Press the newspaper PRINT SIDE DOWN onto your nail. I messed up my first nail by having the newspaper the wrong way. Press/rub the newspaper all over the nail for about 15 to 20 seconds. Then peel off.

4) Apply Clear Coat

Apply a clear coat after you've completed all nails on one hand. The top coat is necessary! Otherwise the newsprint will rub off the second your hands are underwater.

I chose Essie's Mint Candy Apple as my base coat instead of a white/tan. I still wanted a pop of color.

This has been one of my favorite manicures by far! I've gotten lots of compliments and "How did you do that?" It is definitely worth trying because it is so easy! For a more in depth picture tutorial, click on over to here.

What are YOUR favorite nail trends?

Sarah Michelle is a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru and a lifestyle blogger for The Fierce Glamour, a fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog. Find her on facebook and twitter.