Beauty Guru: My picks for the best and worst 2012 beauty trends

Picking a best and worst beauty trends feels a bit like working the naughty and nice list. You never want to put a name in the "naughty" column, but sometimes the assignment is deserved. Luckily, along with the ugly Betties were some gorgeous winners; I hope we see them again in 2013. Here are the best and worst beauty winners for 2012. Drum roll, please...

The best of...

Braids, braids, braids! What girl hasn't sported braids as a child? This year the braid made it to the "big girls' club." These weren't the boring fishtails or the French braid Mom made you wear to Christmas dinner. We saw side swept braided updos, braids with a messy bun, braids with long hair and even some interesting ones with short hair. I suppose we can thank Katniss for the braid revival. but I hope it's one that lasts.

Sleek cat eyes. I admit it. I am a bit tired of the smoky eye look. Smoky black, smoky gold, smoky green. Enough with the smoky! I toyed with the idea of wearing a natural style just to show my dislike but when this retro eye style made a comeback I abandoned that idea. Instead of the smudged blend of shadow and liner, we got to play with real eyeliner definition. Hooray! I don't care who you are, the cat eye look really makes your eyes look larger, sexier.

Worst in beauty trends

Crazy ombre hair -- goodbye! I'm a two (sometimes three) toned gal myself but I think the ombre hair trend got a bit out of hand in 2012. When you keep the look natural, like pairing brown or red roots with blonde tips, it's fun and youthful. As proven by a few celebs, gray roots and pink tips do not work. Some of these ombre-inspired styles make stars (and the girl you work with) look like they're trying just a bit too hard to be stylish. This trend is strangely reminiscent of the colored hairspray fad some of us tried in the 80s. It stunk then, too.

Spider leg eyelashes. Eek! I'll never understand the attraction to this trend, but it tried to make an appearance again this year. Spiky, spider-leg eyelashes gave wearers a cartoonish look, kind of like a Mary Kay lady on acid. Once we stopped laughing, we wondered if it hurt or did it just look like it did? It reminded me of finals week in college when my schedule was so tight, I didn't take off my mascara for three days. It took weeks to grow healthy lashes back. Please, no more overdone, unnatural looking eyelashes.

So there you have it -- my choices for the best and worst of 2012. I'm looking forward to what's strutting down the runway in 2013. Which styles are you ready to say goodbye too?

Monica Bullock is a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru who shares her homespun beauty advice with anyone willing to sit in her beauty chair.