Beauty Guru: Pretty Braided Updo Tutorial for Date Night

The hubs and I love dressing up for each other. I find him so fancy and handsome, and it's wonderful that he loves me as much as he does, which is why I love date night! It gives a chance for us to show off for each other.

I have particularly "heavy" hair. There's a lot of it. And it's thick, which makes a lot of updos particularly difficult. I see a lot of wonderful hair styles on Pinterest. They show a quick 3, maybe 4, steps via pictures. I feel completely confident when I rush to the bathroom to try it out. Every time? Fail.

So I decided to get creative on my own this last date night. Instead of doing a braided headband over the top of my head, I went a different way. I wrapped my braids around the back of my head!

I have some super bobby pins that I like to use. They are about 4 inches long and a lot thicker than regular pins. Normal bobby pins break under the pressure of my hair - such weaklings. But these, I love!

1. Start by brushing your hair with a large paddle brush. Make sure your hair is as smooth as possible. Spray on some sunflower oil mist to create shine and softness. My favorite is Shikai's Mist and Go Conditioner. It does just the trick! If you apply it to your hair when it's damp, it adds a ridiculous amount of volume! Plus, sunflower extract does wonders for your hair.

2. Part your hair down the middle. Then, tie your hair into two pigtails. If you have fly-aways take care of those with some mousse or shaping gel by smoothing a small amount onto your 3 strands before braiding.

3. Wrap one of the braids around the bottom crown of your head. Secure with a bobby pin. Follow up with the other pig tail. Tuck the ends of your braids under the other so they are hidden. If your hair is longer than mine, then you can definitely hide your hair ties under the braids. For now, I use hair ties that match the color of my hair.

TIP: Insert the pin "hooky side" down and from the bottom up. Your hair will naturally want to fall down, so use the bobby pins to your advantage to catch those tails! I also like to criss-cross my pins for added security.

4. I pull out a couple strands of braids from the front to frame my face. Using my straighener, I curl my bangs away from my face, Farah-Fawcett-style! One side of my hair curls better than the other. (Does that happen with you?) This takes me a little bit of time to get it where I like it.

5. Finish off with some hair spray. I really like Aussi's Aussome Volume Hair Spray. You can find it at most stores and it's super affordable. My bottle has lasted me for over a year! Then again, I don't use it all that often, maybe 2-3 times a month. In order to keep this hairstyle all day long, through wind and rain, I have to use an amount of hairspray that would make the '80s cringe.

Now I'm all ready for my date!

This whole style takes me 10-15 minutes to do. I really love it because I can use it when my hair is not cooperating, or if my hair is dirty. Check out the full style here!

What your favorite date night hair 'do?