Beauty Guru: Quick Beauty Fixes with Only One Product

OK, it's true: I travel more than most of the population, and, yes, from time to time I find I've left an essential makeup tool, product, or lotion at home. Actually, it seems to happen more often than not. If only I would stop unpacking and repacking for my frequent trips, but the OCD person inside of me just won't let that happen. Over the years, I've found ways to "make do" without my arsenal of security makeup. Here are a few of those quick beauty tricks:

If you've forgotten your:

  • moisturizer - use your chapstick as a quick fix;
  • eyeshadow - try your bronzer on the lids;
  • blush & shadow - use your lipstick for both of these;
  • any hair product - cope by using a hotel lotion to eliminate flyaways;
  • wrinkle cream - try using your skincare primer to fill in these fine lines;
  • hand cream - use your eye cream on your hands and around the nails;
  • sunscreen - make do with your mineral foundations and/or powders as they have a natural SPF;

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Two quick beauty fix favorites:

Hotel Lotion
Sometimes one forgets important hair products, and sometimes the TSA guy takes away your favorite hairspray. Hotel lotion is for these moments. While hair is wet, just put a tiny (and I do mean tiny) bit of lotion in your hair. You want to rub it in your hands first, and slowly go through your strands with it. If you have super curly hair that is dry, then use more. I know it sounds crazy but many times the hair products we use have some of the same ingredients as these hotel lotions, so it isn't as crazy as it seems. Remember this is an emergency type situation.

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Carry this one with you at all times. Vaseline is great for keeping your hands and feet moisturized and soft. As a matter of fact, here are 50 more reasons you need it in your beautiful life.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has ever put chapstick on my entire face before, right? What are some of your beauty products that you can't live without when you are in dire makeup straits? Tell us in the comments below!