Beauty Guru: A New Year, a New You (For Real Though)

This year is about starting fresh. Starting with my complexion is the first step. I have been dealing with hormonal imbalances that have in turn wrecked havoc on my skin these past months. It is time to consult the big dogs- a dermatologist. There comes a time in our lives where we are just fed up with trying a product and waiting and seeing. Time is precious and my waiting for large cystic zits to go away has come to pass. I'm over it and you should be too. This year is about not waiting anymore.

The time has also come to pass that our beauty program here at Yahoo! Shine has come to an end. It has been a pleasure working with the great women of Yahoo! Shine these past years bringing you up to date information on the world of beauty. My favorite time have been trying products for the public and writing information so you don't have to. Trying products that don't live up to the hype marketing plays on your pocketbook has been an experience. One that I will treasure and one I have learned from.

For all of the women who read about beauty products and enjoy trying new things, I wish you all the best in your quest for the new. Being a woman is an exciting opportunity to try all the goodies made for us in terms of nail polish, nail trends, hair goo, bangs, smoky eyes, naked eyes, mascara, eyeliner, super blushed cheeks, and the always classic red lip. Beauty evolves and trends live and die every day. The best advice I have to any woman in terms of beauty would be to find your style and work it. Don't be afraid to try something new but just remember it may look awful when you do. Don't be unrealistic in your quest for style. Some items are just not meant to be and remember if you feel good in what you are wearing then you look stunning in it.

Resolve this year to be comfortable in your skin and if that skin keeps breaking out, stop trying every product under the sun and just go to a professional. Just like your hair, if it looks ratty go check out a stylist and see what they say. Be honest with these professionals. Tell them what you want and don't hem and haw around the subject. If you want your blonde hair to be ombre, don't tell them you want it a little darker. Spit it out and get what you want this year.