Beauty Guru: Resolutions for a Beautiful 2013

Setting Realistic Beauty Goals for a Beautiful New Year

Sure, there are lots of beauty products on the market that can help your skin, hair, etc... but the surefire way to truly transform your appearance is from the inside out. Yes, it's cliched, but with reason, it's true. Audrey Hepburn is oft quoted as saying, "Happy girls are the prettiest..." Why are they happy? Well, be it their looks, or life in general, in my opinion, it's because they don't spend countless hours worrying about it. So here's to a carefree 2013 with three of my beauty resolutions for lovely New Year.

1) Look in the mirror and smile. When I look in the mirror, I will not scrutinize my flaws, or try to find new wrinkles or gray hairs. I will instead look at myself, smile and tell myself that I am beautiful just as I am. This is not an act of arrogance, or narcissism, but a declaration of self love. I have found that the women who love themselves, who believe they are beautiful, flaws and all, are perceptively prettier.

2) No more picking. I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to picking on my skin. Whiteheads, blackheads, you name it, they are all fun to pick at. What's not fun is tissue damage and eventual scarring, of which I have plenty of already. So this year, I really mean to stick by my no picking policy. Honestly if I get close enough to start scrutinizing my pores, I know it's time to back away.

3) Experiment and have fun. There are many times in life that I have found myself in a beauty rut. It happens to the best of us, I suppose. I stick with the tried and true, when secretly my inner artist is crying out to experiment. Beauty is supposed to be fun, and that is what I intend to do this year; have fun! No more standard ponytails; I'm trying new hair do's; up, down, twists, you name it, I'm trying it. If I want to change my hair color, no more waffling around until I end up doing nothing. Instead I will pick a semi-permanent (less damaging) shade and I will just go for it. I have a million haircut inspiration pics piling up on Pinterest, but I have I tried any of the more daring ones? No. I will stop playing it safe, hair grows back, and I will never know what works until I try. I just need to find a trusted stylist that will tell me whether or not that cut will work for my hair texture and face shape.

Those are my top three beauty resolutions this year. What are your beauty resolutions for 2013? Do you agree with my list?