Beauty Guru: Rudolph in a Wintry Wonderland Nails

This Rudolph Holiday Nail Art Will Get You in the Spirit

These fabulous reindeer in the snow nails were a major hit when I wore them! And though they look pretty complex, they really aren't that hard to pull off, especially if you already have a bit of nail know how.

For this look, you'll create a gradient effect on all your fingers. Then, on your index finger you'll paint on dear Rudolph! You can skip the Rudolph nail if you want to, but I think it makes this whole look complete. And again, it's really not that difficult to do if you go step by step.

You'll need:

Light blue nail polish
White nail polish
Glitter Top Coat
Brown Nail Polish
Red Nail Polish
White Nail Polish
Pink Nail Polish
Dotting Tools
Nail Art Brush

Let's start with the gradient:
Gradient Step 1: Sponge On Colors
Apply a blob of light blue nail polish and white nail polish next to each other on a makeup sponge wedge. This is the standard way to create a gradient. You can find lots of tutorials on the Internet, so head to Google if you're uncertain. Gently dab the sponge onto all fingernails. I typically do three coats of this to get a nice, thick coat of color.

Gradient Step 2: Apply Top Coat
For this look, I applied a white matte glitter top coat. I thought it looked the most like snow. You could also try a silver glitter or other glitter topcoat for a similar effect. Apply this top coat to all of your gradients as soon as you can. This will smooth out the gradient even more.

Now that you've got your gradient out of the way, it's time to paint on the most famous reindeer of all!
Rudolph Step 1: Apply Brown

Using a pale brown and a nail art brush, paint on a half circle at the tip of your nail. Also draw two triangles on either side of the half circle. These are Rudolph's ears!

Rudolph Step 2: Apply Red
Rinse off your nail art brush and dip it into a bright red. Create a smaller half circle at the tip of your nail to create Rudolph's glowing red nose!

Rudolph Step 3: Apply Dots
Next, grab a dotting tool. You can also use the end of a strait pin or whatever you have on hand. Create two white dots just above the nose. Then, with a smaller dotting tool (or using a more gentle touch), apply two black dots on top of the white dots. Now Rudolph can see! I also applied two pink dots on either side of Rudolph's eyes so he looked more cheery.

Rudolph Step 4: Apply Antlers
With a darker brown and a nail art brush, paint on two straight lines in a V-shape on top of Rudolph's head. Then, create smaller "branches" for his antlers.

Finish with a top coat and clean up your nails, then hit the town!

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