Beauty Guru: Sexy Date Night Hair

A light curl in your hair is a sexy way to get ready for your date night. Soft, subtle waves add the perfect effect for any outfit. From jeans and a smart top to a glitzy dress, glamorous waves will make people come out of the woodwork to tell you how nice your hair looks.

Where to start:

Day old hair is the best to start with when curling your hair but, if you have washed it, add a drop of mouse to the roots to give it some lift. Get out your old rollers you probably haven't used in awhile and plug them in. I recently purchased Remington's 8900 Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Rollers and love them. The heat quickly and take less than five minutes to curl you hair. If you are in a hurry, no problem!

What to Do Next:

I use long, silver, metal salon clips to section my hair. With a wide tooth comb, grab most of your hair except a small 2" section from the nape of the neck. Twist and attach to the top of your head with these clips. My hair is thin enough I only use one but you may need more! With a roller, take a small section and roll the hair up and pulled away from your head until the roller is covered in hair. Clip to your head. Continue doing this until the bottom layer is done.

Unhook the salon clip and section your hair again in a 2" section above the lower rollers. Continue rolling until all of the hair is rolled up. When you get near your ears, really pull your hair away from your face and back towards the back of your head when you are rolling. When you clip the roller, it should keep it from falling forward and burning your ear. That is not a fun experience!

Finish Up:

Unroll your hair. Do not brush! Spray with your favorite hairspray. I am using Mark. Locks in Place Buildable Hold Hairspray now and really like it.

Take your bang section and twist it to the top of your head. Make sure it has a small poof and secure with a clip or bobby pins! Add your lips and head out for your fun night out!