Beauty Guru: Sexy, Disheveled Hairstyle How-to Revealed

Get Carefree, Sexy Hair for Your Next Date

You want great hair for your date night, right? You have to make it look like the wind has been blowing through it all day. You have to make it look like you went surfing earlier in the day and managed to only get a little water in your hair while doing so. You have to sell the hotness without looking like you're selling it. Why is it that looking a wee disheveled in the hair department, while maintaining a great outfit and a tight makeup style, gives off the vibe of carefree sexiness? Do you know?

I paired up with The Hair Ninja, Cris Peters, in San Diego to show you how to create this look for your date night. And guess what? There's not a single hair tie, barrette, or bobby pin involved!

Dirty Hair

"To achieve the perfect 'what have you been up to?' appearance, hair should be a bit dirty. Cheat it with a matting powder like Isis," says Peters. "Be careful, a little goes a long way. Sprinkle around the crown at the roots and then pick through the layers using your fingertips to work in circles."

Add Texture

"Follow this with a medium, flexible styling cream through your layers by lightly coating your fingers and picking up sections, separating them with a light coat of the styling cream. Another option is to blowout in obnoxious directions with salt spray (I like KMS Sea Spray) and then pick through the hair with the styling cream. Don't forget to pinch your cheeks to really sell it," adds the Hair Ninja.

Bump it up a notch by adding hairspray (medium hold) from the underside of your hair. Lift the hair up and spray upward as the hair falls. Then, instead of brushing, opt for smoothing the hair out with your hand.

Not enough wave to create texture? Try what we call a soft wave perm or, if you want a brand name, the American Wave, a great example of a salon service creating texture and sexy waviness in your hair.

Add Attitude

Now pair with some red lipstick, the lipstick trend this winter, and strut your stuff like it's nobody's business! No matter what, always play up your own unique personality.

What are your date night essentials? Will you be playing it rough (in hairspeak) on your next date night? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!