Beauty Guru: Sexy Shades for Early Fall Are Plum and Taupe

According to Allure, there are eight sexy fall makeup colors that "are made for the cooler, sexier, and more adventurous side of September." I am not too adventurous when it comes to makeup that I wear out in public; however, I can get with the cool and sexy part. So, I figured I'd go with the cool, sexy colors of plum and sheer taupe. Here is a simple fall look using these colors that will flatter most skin tones.

The products (minus the HD Powder) I used to create this fall beauty look
What You Need

  • Powder Foundation with a semi-matte finish (e.l.f Mineral Foundation SPF 15 in Golden Honey)
  • Concealer and/or Corrector (e.l.f Erase and Conceal)
  • Eyeshadow Primer (Stila Prime Pot in Caramel)
  • Brownish-pink blush - optional
  • Neutral Eyeshadow Palette (e.l.f Little Black Beauty Book Warm Edition)
  • Mascara (Benefit They're Real Mascara)
  • Lip Moisturizer (Avon Moisture Therapy Lip Ointment SPF 15)
  • Wine, cherry, or plum colored lipstick (e.l.f Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Cherry Tart)
  • Face Powder - optional (e.l.f High Definition Powder)

    1. Apply color corrector/concealer where needed.
    2. Dust powder foundation over face.
    Tips: If you only have matte foundation, mix in a little gold powder or bronzer with your foundation to add a shimmer. If using liquid foundation, mix in a little luminizer for a bit of glow.

    These neutral colors feature nice taupe shades you can use for a sexy or subtle eye look this fall. Eyes

    I used four neutral colored shadows, including a taupe shade for the lid.

    1. Apply eyeshadow primer to entire lid and brow bone.
    2. Apply lightest shade to brow bone.
    3. Apply second lightest shade across entire lid.
    4. Apply medium shade from inner eye, sweeping across area above the crease.
    5. Apply darkest shade to the crease.
    6. Blend eyeshadow to soften the lines so they don't look so harsh. Here is a quick video to show you how to blend eyeshadow.
    7. Apply a little of the darkest shade on your eyeliner brush and line your eyes with it.
    8. Apply one to two coats of mascara.
    9. Take your brow brush and groom your brows so they are neat and tidy.
    Tip: You can use any type of eyeliner you want. I prefer to use eyeshadow for this look because it has a softer finish.

    I used this color strip from my bronzer palette to add a touch of brown over the pink I used to create my subtle …Cheeks

    You can apply any shade of brownish-pink blush you want as long as it looks natural. For this look, I didn't use traditional blush, because I couldn't find the right shade for this look. I lightly dotted Avon's Glazewear in Darling Pink along my cheekbones and blended it in with my fingers. Then, I applied bronzer (second shade from the bottom) from my Sephora Bronzer Palette in Let's Dance over top of pink. This trick takes about a minute to do and is a lifesaver when you can't find the right shade of blush in your makeup bag.

    This dark plum shade was mixed with my liquid lipstick to create the final lip color of this fall beauty look. Lips

    As with the blush, I had to create the shade I wanted for my lips.

    1. Apply lip moisturizer.
    2. If you have the perfect shade of lipstick, then line lips with a neutral liner and apply your lip color.
    3. Since I did not have the shade I was looking for, I created it by first applying e.l.f Luminzing Stick in Persimmon to my lips.
    4. I squeezed out some of my liquid lipstick on the back of my hand.
    5. Next, I shaved off a little dark plum eyeshadow onto the back of my hand.
    6. I mixed the lipstick and eyeshadow together, creating the plum shade I desired.
    7. I applied the lip color with my index finger. You can also use a lip brush.
    8. Blot lips with a tissue.
    Final Steps

    To finish off my look, I dusted my face with high definition powder. The powder softens the overall look and gives you a soft glow that does not look greasy. If you have issues with your makeup fading or bleeding, then finish with a setting spray.

    I know this seems like a lot of steps, but this whole look took me under 10 minute to create. This is a simple day or night look for September through mid-fall. If plum is too intense for you, then try a sheer berry tint instead.

    Trends aside, what makeup colors do you like to wear for fall?

    ShawnTe Pierce is a Yahoo Shine Beauty Guru and writes about beauty and fashion for her blog posts on Lucky as well for Yahoo Voices, Vista Magazine and other places on the web (sounds mysterious doesn't it?). Follow me on Twitter or at Fashion Sense on Facebook.