Beauty Guru: Style Advice to My Teenage Self

Oh, no. Looking back at my 16-year-old self makes me cringe. I honestly thought that army gear, hot pink hair, raccoon eyes and plucked-to-nothing eyebrows was a good look. Deary me! No, no young girl - you looked like a hot mess.

Well they say that with age comes wisdom, and, boy, did I ever learn that. I found it surprising that through those questionable style years, no one ever said, "Hey, girl, where are your eyebrows?" In fact, it wasn't until recently that I learned that my brows are an acceptable thickness. Thanks, guys.

If I could sit down with my little self, I would tell her many things, like:

Eyeliner doesn't mean lining the entire eyeball.

You have watery, allergy eyes, woman. If you line the entire socket, it'll eventually fall into your eye and cause...eye goopies. Yeah, I said it. Black eye goopies. In fact, they'll be something people can't stop staring at when they talk to you. Mostly because they think you have contracted some sort of eye plague.

Instead, ditch the cigarette-lighter-heated crayon (Yes...I did that) for waterproof liquid liner. And only apply it to your upper lid. The same goes for mascara.

Eyebrows are important. Seriously.

You were born with thick eyebrows for a reason. They suit your face. I know, you're hairy. Deal with it. It runs in our family. I'm not saying you need a uni-brow; no one likes those. You hate them. You've obviously overcompensated for that irrational fear. But let me save you some time: pluck less! You'll thank me later.

Instead, let your eyebrows grow. At least for a little while. You'll look weird and patchy for a minute. But it won't take long to grow back considering how long you've looked like a burn victim.

Take your index finger and hold it vertically straight on the side of your nose. Where your fingertip ends is where your eyebrow should start. Using a brow pencil to fill in your brow line until every thing has grown back. And remember that a thick brow is sexy and strong.

Stop bleaching your hair. It'll break off.

No seriously, it'll break off. Like break completely, leaving you with 1/2 inch dead spikes on the front of your hair line. You'll have to use super hold gel so they stay down for the next 6 months since the school won't let you wear a hat.

Option A: Save the money you make from your part-time job and go get your hair professionally done. You can still have those "Oh so rad" colors, but do less damage to your hair.

Option B: DIY bleach your hair once. Did you get that? - ONCE. You don't have to bleach your hair every time you re-apply pink, or green, or whatever crazy color you want to do. That way, you're only damaging your strands one time, instead of...say...every two weeks.

Option C: Don't bleach your hair at all. You'll realize with time your hair is lovely, thick and envy-worthy.

I know I seem hard on my past self. But honestly, what was I thinking? I guess without mistakes we cannot learn. And would the 16-year-old-me have even listened? Nope. Hardly.

And part of me is glad those style blunders happened. They make me, me. And maybe laugh a little.

What bad fashion or beauty choices did you make as a teenager?

* Megan Colwell has been a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru since 2009. She is also the creative mind, wood burning artist and vintage/thrift fashion blogger over at The Nautical Owl.