Beauty Guru: Summer-to-Fall Beauty: Ready, Set, Transition!

I'm always sad to see summer wave goodbye: I adore my free-flowing, highlighted tresses and bronzed skin. But, the promise of crisp, fall days and the accompanying style changes excite me, too. In my experience, the summer-to-fall beauty transition is one of the easiest to navigate because the basic color palette remains the same. With the approach of fall, beauty mavens get to blend in warmer tones and tackle any skin issues that the brutal summer sun may have left behind. Follow these five rules for summer to fall beauty transitioning!

Let's freshen that hair! It's time to trim those ends and possibly, sport a new hairdo. No matter how hard I try, I always end up with hair that's too light for fall hair fashion. Transition into fall with a few well-placed low lights. Repair any pool- or ocean-damaged hair with a deep hair moisturizer.

Introduce warm oranges to your makeup collection. Autumn colors, like apricot or burnt orange for deeper skin tones, is the perfect addition to summer makeup. Put the bronzer away and touch up those cheeks with fall warmth along the cheekbones and forehead. For the eyes, swap out the navy blue and pick up some deep greens for an on-season accent color. If you have a hard time ditching the summer bronze eyeshadow (like me!), play up this sexy shade with a green or deep, deep brown accent shade. A smoky, smoldering eye always looks beautiful, too!

Give your lips a lot of love. They've endured the sun and waves; now it's time for some moisturization. Begin the lip love with an exfoliation treatment and a soothing lip balm. I get lots of hydration from a moisture-rich fall lipstick.

Replace the dark, summer foundation and avoid that awkward makeup is "too dark" look. It may take some time for your skin to fade but it certainly will! Purchase new foundation and concealer and get a jump on fall makeup. For my summer-to-fall beauty transition, I toss out the liquid makeup and instead, use a warm mineral powder. Fall colors should begin with warm, soft looking skin.

Slough away dry summer skin with regular exfoliation - that's for the face and body. Microdermabrasion kits make it easy to remove dry patches, tiny bumps and dark spots. (Of course for dark spots, you will need several treatments.) A yummy-smelling sugar scrub will treat your legs and body, oh, so nice! Always follow up your exfoliation with a hydrating moisturizer and never exfoliate more than once a week.

So are you ready for fall? It's an easy transition to make if prepare your skin and introduce those warm, autumn colors!