Beauty Guru: My Summer Vacation Must-Haves

Summer vacation at our house means the beach. Without the beach, summer would be incomplete. The thought of beach chairs and umbrellas, salty air and sand on our skin, along with cherry limeades and ice cream cones make life bearable during the colder months of the year. As we head for vacation, products I thought were just "maybe I need these" turn into "I must have these."

My summer vacation must-haves:


Yes, they are worn almost every day as one of the most popular add-on accessories on the market, but these babies are a must-have in the summer. Do you enjoy stepping out of your house, squinting for the next eight hours, allowing deep creases to develop where your face was scrunched up all day, while allowing potential harm to your eyes? I didn't think so. If you can't afford an expensive pair, shop Dollar Tree. You will be surprised at the selection offered and how durable they can be. I kept a pair of Dollar Tree sunglasses for the entire summer one year. They never broke, they were stylish and they did what they were supposed to do: hide my eyes and the tender skin that loves to wrinkle without protection.


One year I borrowed a visor from my husband for the day at the beach to protect my forehead I had burned the day before. I never went back again without it. My husband wasn't excited he no longer had the rights to the visor but he adjusted. The sun is bright. Your forehead will burn with or without sunscreen on some days, so add the visor and don't deal with that issue again. Make sure to apply sunscreen to your part though. This area is susceptible to burning without your knowledge until your are combing out your hair. Ouch!

Lip Balm:

Eos is a great lip balm. I am an addict. After hanging in the salty air all day, it seems lips get dry. Eos lip balm is shaped like an egg and is large enough to cover both lips in one swoop. The skin on your lips is tender; take care of your puckers.


Now that your upper face is covered with sunglasses and a visor, you will need something to even out your skin coloring. A good bronzer will do the trick. Sweep across your forehead and eye area until they match your lower face skin color. You are saving years of aging by doing this.


We know water is a great for our skin. We know is keeps us hydrated in the heat. Drink it and feel better. Keep a reusable bottle with you at all times so when thirst calls you can be ready!


A couple of years ago (before the internet was so popular), I searched and searched for a parasol. At first I didn't know what it was called and would tell salespeople, "I'm looking for an umbrella made out of fabric." It is called a parasol, not an umbrella. Thank goodness for Google. I take a parasol with me when I am going to be outside for long amounts of time when I know it is going to be hot as Hades and shade will be lacking. A parasol with knock at least 10 degrees off and protect you from the burning, hot sun. People will also gawk in jealousy.

Summer is here. Get your bags packed and have fun!

What are some must-haves for your summer vacation?

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