Beauty Guru: My Three Beauty Idols

While I don't follow celebrities too much these days, I do have a few whose beauty and style I admire. It's not so much about copying their hair and makeup to-a-T, but rather taking their beauty philosophies and applying it to me. While all of three of these ladies have their own unique look, they all have one thing in common: they stick to what works from them. Whether it's on stage or on TV, the concept of being overdone isn't a concept that applies to these ladies. There's no need for them to drastically change their beauty look from one day to the next. They're gorgeous just the way they are. Isn't that what beauty is all about?


I didn't really become a diehard fan until she left Destiny's Child and went on her own. Jamming out to songs like "Diva" and "Single Ladies" (even after I got married!), I love how she owns her look. She's not one to jump on every beauty trend; instead she sticks to what works for her. Her honey blonde hair is signature and the perfect shade for her skin tone. Her makeup is never forced, and her dark liner and nude lip is one of my favorite makeup looks. I'm a firm believer that makeup is all about enhancing what you already have and not overdoing it. That's why I love Beyonce!

Kerry Washington

Polished, sleek and professional - those are the three words that come to mind when it comes to Kerry Washington's look as Olivia Pope on the hit show "Scandal." To me, she is the epitome of a stylish, working woman. Playing a powerful political player on her hit show, she looks flawless. The natural makeup just makes her skin so clean and fresh. While her hair maintains the same shoulder length style, it always has shine and crazy bounce appeal.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Two words: her hair! Ever since I went natural, she has become my curly hair icon! Like her mother, her hair is big and bold but refined all at the same time. When I chopped off the rest of relaxed ends three years ago, my goal was to get it just as big and as shiny as hers. Granted my curls aren't the same as Tracee's but I like to wear mine just as free (and just as big!), letting them do their thing! And oh, she can rock a hair scarf like no other!

Your turn! Who are your beauty idols?

MJ is a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru, a freelance writer and social media manager, a style blogger for Fierce, and a mom to a gorgeous baby girl.