Beauty Guru: Three Beauty Resolutions for 2013

At the start of every year, people make resolutions to better their lives for the upcoming season. I haven't made a resolution in two years. I stopped because I got a little sad when I couldn't keep my resolutions. This year it is time to jump back on the wagon and make some. I have made three beauty resolutions that I hope will enhance my look for this year.

Steam My Face Twice a Week: I read, recently, Audrey Hepburn steamed her face twice a week to rid her skin of the impurities that seeped underneath the surface of her skin. She was known for her bare minimum approach to makeup and only when your skin is flawless does this approach work. A month ago a large, lurking zit began to invade my face and my self esteem. Nothing was better than being greeted after the holiday season with "How was your vacation?" and then seeing the horror on people's faces as they tried to look away from the massive volcano that was trying to erupt on my face. I decided then and there I was going back to steaming my face almost daily, ridding my skin of toxins an impurities. Allowing the hot steam to sweat my face, blackheads and whiteheads became much easier to remove. I cannot steam my face everyday but twice a week is fine. I can already tell a major difference in my skin.

Drink More Water: Water is essential in purifying the body of toxins from the environment and those we choose to put in our own bodies. Instead of reaching for the soda cans full of sugary, sweet liquid I'm normally doing, it's back to the large quantities of water I drank when I was younger and not so dumb. Beauty comes from within they say and this is not just due to personality types. What we consume has a lot to do with how we look on the outside. A clean system produces a clean body.

Floss Daily: Recently my dentist told me, not only can bad teeth and gums cause heart disease but it can also make your skin erupt in ugly red bumps. Flossing and caring for your teeth will help your skin look nicer. Pay attention to the areas of your skin that break out. If you break out around your gum and teeth areas, more than likely these areas are filled with bacteria and are allowing your skin to become a danger zone. Get in the bathroom and scrub, rinse and floss right away!

This year it is all about getting clean. Clean skin is the first step in beauty. There is no need to hide behind all that foundation anymore. Clean it out and less is more.

Do you believe healthy, clear skin is the essence of beauty?

Leigh Ann Fisher is a Yahoo! Shine Beauty Guru who has written multiple article on fashion and beauty. You can follow her on her lifestyle blog at or her photos on Instagram. Go behind the scenes of this mother of three girls as they try all types of beauty products and fashion hits and misses!