Beauty Guru: My three summer beauty secrets

One of my go-to summer beauty looks.After last month's assignment where we gurus confessed our summer beauty sins, it's awesome that we get to talk about our summer beauty secrets! Summer is such a tricky time because we all want to look good but when it's sweltering outside, getting dolled up may be the last thing on your mind! I've been having this issue for sure, especially being 7 ½ months pregnant which makes everything a chore. But when I go to my tried and true beauty tips, I can at least look a whole lot better than how I feel some days!

Sticking to Tinted Moisturizers, especially those that have sunscreen protection. Foundation is just way too heavy in the summer and the heat can make it just slide off your face. So when summer rolls around, I pack mine away and break out my tinted moisturizer. It makes my normal three step process of moisturizing, applying sunscreen, and adding foundation into one - saving me a lot of time. It's also very light on my skin while still giving me the coverage my normal foundation would.

My Go-To Products: Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer, Mary Kay Tinted Moisturizer

Skipping the Blow Dryer and let my curls do their thing. Remember my hair straightening disaster from last post? Yeah, I definitely learned from that and just let my curls flow. Besides, with all the swimming and sweating you do during the summer, who wants to be a slave to a hot blow dryer? Instead, I wash my hair and apply curl holding products that keep my curls looking good as they air dry throughout the day. If I'm feeli ng extra fancy, add in a cute headband, scarf, or hair clip.

My Go-To Products: Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Curling Soufflé

Break out the bright lip colors. I tend to get very lazy with my eye makeup in the summer, especially when the temps threaten to have my shadows sweating off or fading into oblivion. So I found that the best way to look well put together with minimal effort is to go with bright lip colors. Just a swipe of waterproof mascara to open up the eyes and an awesome lipstick can have you looking made up in a snap! Besides, summer is all about those bright colors, right?

My Go-To Product: CoverGirl LipPerfection Lip Color

What are you go-to summer tips?

MJ is a Yahoo! Shine Beauty and Guru and a beauty/fashion blogger for Fierce, a beauty and fashion blog.