Beauty Guru: My Top 3 Beauty Icons

We all have someone we aspire to be like, or look like and this guru is no exception! Honestly who hasn't said, "I love her eyeshadow technique!" or "Wow, her hair is fantastic." (When the "Rachel" came along, I was one of the first at the local salon to take part in a global celebration of Jennifer Anniston's hair.) However, trends come and go, (sorry, Rach!) and when they do, I go back to the three women whose attitude towards beauty has inspired me all of my life.

Before the big reveal, I have to note that each of my beauty icons has a different look. Despite their physical differences, they all seem to support the notion that beauty is never created or colored on to your cheeks with a brush. It is only enhanced because it is always really there. Beauty arrives with a smile and shows grace under pressure, even if her mascara occasionally smears.

Farrah Fawcett

I stop and stare at Farrah's picture whenever it appears on television or in print. She had a beautiful face, flawless hair and a tall, thin figure, all worth admiring. In her time (which was slightly before mine, I might add), she was the example of healthy beauty. Although I absolutely adore her 70s hair, I was in love with warm look of her skin (don't hate me) and her big, bright smile. She wasn't afraid to go bold with eye color occasionally but her love for browns showed me how to skillfully highlight my own skin tones with neutral and copper colors. Thanks, Farrah!

Michelle Pfeiffer

Okay, so maybe there is a trend here. I do love Michelle's natural look, too. The actress usually wears muted lip tones, enhances her eyes with color, and wears a touch of blush to accent her perfect cheekbones. I think why I really love Michelle's look is how she doesn't fight the natural waves of her hair. Yes, I've seen her tossing straight locks from time to time, but usually she's sporting a wavy or spiraled look that seems to suit her quiet beauty. She's an inspiration.

Grace Kelly

Ask any of my friends and they'll tell you, I love the glamorous Grace Kelly. (How could a royal princess not be an inspiration to her fans?) I can't tell you how many times I have attempted to copy her trademark look: pale pink lipstick, luminous eyes, and perfectly upswept hair! While no one pulls off the classy look like Grace Kelly, her persona is one of my favorite muses.

So that's this Beauty Guru's top icons. My style varies from sporty boho to quiet mystique and royal beauty (at least in my own mind).

Who inspires your beauty decisions?