Beauty Guru: My Top 3 Celebrity Beauty Inspirations

There are a ton of ways to find inspiration for beauty. Your neighbor, mom, friends, even a stranger in the supermarket. But the easiest is celebrities. Can you name your top three inspirations? Not eas,y huh? I narrowed mine down just for you!

Adele - I love they way she works it. She owns her throwback look and always appears stunning. Her makeup and hair looks flawless. Her normal makeup is winged eyeliner and red lips. The ultimate vixen makeup. This is what I wish my makeup could look like when I try it. My red lipstick never seems quite as effortless. The same goes for her hair. I love the bouffant loom of the 60's and she pulls it off so well.

Reese Witherspoon - She is my hair idol. Whether she is on the red carpet or running errands, her hair looks great. It can be long or short, blonde or brunette. She can pull it off, and she gives me courage to pull off a new look. Again with the retro look, I loved her hair and makeup in "Walk The Line."

Lauren Conrad - She is my ultimate beauty idol! I have her style and beauty books. The latter one helped me revamp my skin care routine. I always take her pictures to my hairdresser for the perfect cut. And can we mention her website?! I follow on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and by email! The makeup tips, hair tips, nail ideas are endless and so great! I can't tell you how many different things I've tried from it. Her looks are easy to achieve, and, better yet, she tells you how and what she used. I could go on for hours! That's why she's my ultimate beauty role model!

What about you? Who are your beauty idols and why?

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