Beauty Guru: Turn Your Summer Beauty Loves into Fall Favorites for Free

One of the things that this transplanted-Texan loves about living in Minnesota is the change in the seasons, but summer will always be my favorite. It's hard to say goodbye, knowing the snow is just around the corner. Here's how I transition my summer makeup into fall, while saving money.

Sun-Kissed Skin:

After being cooped up for months and seeing nothing but white well into March this year, I have been very appreciative for the bright colors that summer brings. I love being outside and in my yard working in my flower beds.

This summer I used Jergens Natural Glow in medium to tan. I loved how the sun managed to give my SPF protected, self-tanned legs a hint of gold. It is hard to give up being called "Legs," but I quit using self-tanners at the end of summer. I told my daughter that I wish I could sport a fake tan without it looking fake. My daughter suggested I use a shade lighter and apply it twice a week, tapering back to once a week.


I don't always wear a hat or protect my hair when I am outside working in my gardens. While I know I should protect my hair and scalp, I love the way the sun lightens my hair. Initially Ashley, the adorable hair artist that cuts my hair, fussed over how the sun has left me with dry, brittle ends but agreed we were keeping the color and giving me a haircut that will last me into fall. I agreed to wear my wide brim hat when I am outside. (I met Ashley after I had given myself a hideous haircut.)


This summer, one of my all-time favorite beauty items was Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss. I love the peachy-coral tone it gives my lips. I am going to use it well into fall because I can easily transition this color into a more muted matte look for fall by blotting with a tissue after I apply it. Cost for this transition: $0.


In the summer I wear less make-up. I usually apply L'Oreal Sublime Sun and get outside. When I want to glam up, then I add a bronzer. Normally, I stop using a bronzer once the fall temperatures drop but this year, I am going to keep using my bronzer. I am going to follow the tip provided on Lauren Conrad's site by Nick Barose and change the brush and only apply to the frame of my face.


My nails have taken a beating from digging in the dirt. You probably guessed it: I neglect to wear my garden gloves or go and get a tool when my nails will do. This foolishness has left me with jagged cuticles and broken and stained nails. In order to fix my nails in time to wave goodbye to summer, I only have to get my manicure set and my home made soak of lemon juice and water. (Mix 4 tablespoons of lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of warm water.)

Do you have some no- or low-cost ways to stretch your beauty dollar and transition your summer favorites into fall?