Beauty Guru: How to Get Two-Toned Lips in Two Minutes Flat

Fall has always been the time of year with the most influence over the fashion community. Rustic colors, such as port wine, sultry red, burgundy, brick, purple, and gold, are imitated everywhere from coats and shoes to hosiery and handbags; however, leave it to the makeup industry to bring out the chaos in this traditional rotation of autumn bliss.

One trend that's truly nontraditional and popping up everywhere from the streets to the runway is the two toned lip. Two colors (or more) from the same family are applied -- usually the darker one on top and the lighter on the bottom. Like its cousin, the ombre effect, all it requires is a little practice, creativity, and, of course, a love for attention.

Before you embrace this movement, be sure to choose shades that you like. Although you're mimicking an actual trend, be yourself; don't copy some model's ultra red pout, or the stranger's electric blue pout that's sitting next to you. Your goal is confidence, especially when people begin to notice how awesome your lips are. For me, I shine in a blood-orange cocktail which gives my skin tone an absolute glow. Check out my 5 easy steps below to achieve this look:

1. Line your top lip. 1. First, after exfoliating and applying lip balm, I line the top lip with Mally's Evercolor Shaping Lip Liner in "Neutral Red." Then blend toward the middle, either with the liner itself or a lip brush.

2. Line bottom lip with nude-colored liner. 2. Line the bottom lip with a nude-colored liner and just like the top, blend toward the middle. I used an off brand liner in mauve.

Coastal Scents Lip Palette 3. Using my very affordable Coastal Scents lipstick palette and a lip brush, I applied the red-orange shade (fifth row, second from bottom on the palette) to the entire top lip.

4. Mix OCC Lip Tar Primary Yellow with the red-orange and metallic orange from the pa … 4. With the same lip palette and a different lip brush, I blend the deeper, metallic orange shade (second row from the bottom on the palette) and a snippet of the red-orange on the back of my hand with OCC Lip Tar's Matte True Primary Yellow to create the perfect complimentary hue. For balance, I mix in a small amount of the nude color on the end of the palette.

5. Lastly, clean up any mistakes around the edges with a Q-tip. Take this time to also add a dollop of gloss in the middle (optional); although, I prefer a semi-matte look for fall.

Things to remember:

This is your creation. Add as much color as you want for an intense effect, or go easy for a minimalism. Try whatever colors you like, or go three toned, four toned, etc.

Depending on your desired color and the tone of your natural lips, you may need to neutralize the color with foundation that is a shade lighter prior to applying lip color. Apply and blend it outward with a lip brush.

For true chaos, draw a geometric shape, animal prints, or anything wild to get a rise out of your boss!

What are some great colors you would use to two-tone your lips?

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