Beauty Guru: Wigs Are Trending!

Fake Hair on Real People

Wigs have come back with a vengeance. Lady Gaga changed her wig 3 times on stage (maybe 4?) during her performance at the 2013 VMA's. It is no surprise that many celebrities wear wigs but it has finally started to become a mainstream hit with all women - not just those with finer, thinner hair.

We may be watching the television at times not even realizing that the actors have wigs or other hairpieces on. It can look phenomenal if you know what you are doing. I'll tell you what you are not doing. You are not walking into any old wig shop, picking out a wig that is wrapped in a plastic baggie and buying it based on the picture on the package. That is not what you are going to do.

Give it just a little more thought than that. Go to a beauty store or salon where you can try on the hairstyles and play with them. Give yourself at least one hour of time to do this. If you want it to look as natural as possible you will need to try on several styles. Typically what happens is the style that looks best on someone is one they never would have guessed by looking at the wig on its own.

Best tips for wearing a wig
When placing the wig on, be sure the front of the wig covers your hairline above the forehead. Be sure that the cap in the back covers your hair and is securely snug under your occipital bones, located right behind each ear. Go ahead, feel back there right now...there is a more pointy bony section there and the wig will stay on better when you have it snug there.

A good wig will have two sections of cap that jut out just above the ear area (or, for some heads, will sit on the temples). These two sections are great for grabbing with your thumb and forefinger while adjusting the wig to make sure it is centered. Usually there is also a small piece of metal in those two pieces that you can bend inward to help secure the wig or bend outward if you want some of your own hair sticking out. If your hair is a different color than the wig, then you do not want it sticking out. I hope you figure that part out on your own!

You have two basic options when it comes to the type of wig you want. Both have good and bad points, which I have brought up below:

Human Hair Wigs
PROS: Human hair wigs are amazing. They can feel silky smooth and so much like your own hair that anyone and everyone can be fooled into thinking that it really is your own hair. Some are made 100% by hand, versus a machine-made wig, so that the cap itself can feel like a human scalp when securely on one's head. That means if your honey decides to run their fingers through your hair, they are none the wiser.
CONS: Human hair wigs take a lot more maintenance and care than a synthetic wig. One must style them with hair products and tools in order to keep them looking great. Washing every 7-10 wears, the knots at the roots cam be easily loosened by conditioners so be extremely careful with that. Also, this option is a lot more expensive than a synthetic version of the same hairstyle.

Synthetic Wigs
PROS: Synthetic wigs can be fun and simple. This is a great way to be another color, hairstyle or have a fun flirtatious look without changing your hair with chemical dyes or other types of damage. They are already styled upon purchase. That means a lot less work for you! Washed every 7-10 wears, these puppies will actually dry back into the style you bought them in. No curling and no styling is ever needed, with the exception of hairsprays or texturizing pastes.
CONS: Synthetic wigs are made of nylon fibers. That's right...plastic, you guys. It will melt if you are near a heating element. So kiss that nice dinner outside at your favorite fancy restaurant next to the fireplace goodbye. But I have a nice alternative - just sit indoors and enjoy your fanciness there. But remember, any heat can melt the fibers including fireplaces, heat lamps, steam, stoves & oven cooking, and yes that cigarette lighter. (Ok put that cig down anyway, what year is this?!)

The wig trend is real and it is going to make you a different person! I have met many people who think wigs are just too big and bulky to look natural. Times have changed since the wig surge of the 70's my friend. Now wigs come with better synthetic fibers than ever before, a 360 degree turn radius on the hair strands, and a natural looking scalp made of hand-tied special netting called a "mono top". Do not be afraid to venture into the world of wigs. It could change your life.