Beauty Guru: Winter Skin Tips

Easy Moisturizing Tips for Your Skin

Growing up, I was never taught to moisturize my skin after showers. Or ever for that matter. It wasn't a thing in my family. As I settled into the beauty industry years ago, I realized it's totally a thing and I need to embrace it if I don't want to walk around feeling like a crinkled up potato chip bag.

Drink Water?
The first rule of thumb is that you should always drink lots of water. I'm actually not going to say that. Everyone says that. Let me be the first to say I don't like how water tastes and I'm just not going to go there. I will say that water is very effective --we are made of water, after all. I read recently, however, in Reader's Digest's 13 Things Your Dermatologist Doesn't Tell You, that water does not have a huge affect on the outer level layers of skin, that this is all determined by your surrounding environment. Anything that supports my anti-water drinking activities, I'm supporting it. Let's face it, winter is coming (Game of Thrones, anyone?!) and we need to think hydration in terms of internal and external methods. So drink your water and I'll give you a few of my go-to winter skin tips sans water.

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Here are three of my favorite winter skin hydration products:

Vaseline - This stuff has been tried and true for so many years; the skin feels good, looks good and is soft to the touch. One of my friends likes to say it gives you 'succulent' skin. Instead of buying something with a million ingredients, go buy what your grandmother already used for years instead.

Hempz Original Moisturizer - One of my personal favorites, hemp seed oil (there is no THC in it y'all) actually absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy residue, and the lotion spreads pretty far on the skin - I use one pump for each leg and I'm 5'7" . Did I mention it smells phenomenal, like strawberries? Almost addictive...

Murad Night Cream - Any of Murad's thick night creams will have major hydration for your skin. Use it on your face, but also your neck and hands - two highly forgotten, and easily spotted, signs of aging skin. Rub it in and smile because you just made your skin so happy.

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One-ingredient skincare products for winter skin:

Aloe vera for moisture & sunburn repair. This gel is so great for winter because it can help when you get those bad sunburns on your face from reflective snow. If you plan on hitting the slopes this winter, this is the perfect product for ski sunburns.

Tea tree oil for dry or oily scalp. OK, so it's a bit smelly. But aside from that, it is an anti-bacterial and a healing oil that lacks greasiness. Use a q-tip to apply to dry patches of skin or a dry, oily scalp and leave for 10-30 minutes. Eliminating all the extra ingredients makes this more potent and a safe alternative for your dry skin.

White tea for anti-aging skin repair. White tea has so many good properties for you as a human, including antioxidants, that it needs to be in your cupboard at all times. Steep some tea, then let it cool before submersing a washcloth in it. Next, put the washcloth on your face for 10-15 minutes and breathe. Ahhhh...

Cucumbers for tired puffy dry eyes. Cucumber has anti-inflammatory properties that combat tired dry eyes. So put a few on your eyes for good measure at night when you have a minute to relax!

Do you keep your skin properly hydrated? Your winter skin questions are welcome!

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