Beauty Guru: Worst and best beauty trends of 2012

As I say a fond farewell to 2012 it's fun and poignant to look back at the best and the worst of this last year. Being a beauty writer it is particularly interesting for me to look back at the best and worst in beauty trends. From the moments of "I love this look so much I will continue to wear it in 2013", to the cringe inducing reflections of "why, why, would anyone wear that color on their face?" Let's reminisce together. After reading, by all means, let me know what your thoughts are on what the best or worst of this year was.

I'm going to start with the worst this year had to offer, so I can end this article on a positive note.

1. Pastel Ombre Hair: As if regular ombre hair wasn't enough for the hipper than hip, it went a step further into the rainbow color spectrum. Initially I was open to it, but I am sorry to say that this trend went from refreshingly different to "God if I have to see another pastel ombre hair picture on Pinterest I will throw my computer out a window." I may exaggerate, but only a little. The rainbow hair look that is usually only sported by the truly brave became fashion mainstream when models strutted the runways with pastel tinged streaks. I don't care that models at Chanel 2013 cruise collection rocked pastel bobs I say this trend needs to be left in 2012!

2. Crayola Color Eyeliner: Sure, bright color makeup can be fun. Case in point; the ultra flattering fuchsia lipstick that every celebutante has been wearing lately. However, I think a line needs to be drawn between bright and "I was just colored on with Crayola markers." The bright blue eyeliner seen at fall shows such as Anna Sui or the electric yellow eyeliner seen at Peter Som seem juvenile and a little clownish. Truly, the only time your makeup should be painted on in primary colors is for Halloween or the circus.

Ok, now that all that terrible stuff is behind us, I want to focus on the trends I remember fondly and will probably continue to wear in 2013.

1. Soft Bouncy Waves: This one to me seems self explanatory. Voluminous hair, soft curly tendrils, not a lot of product. It is hair Nirvana. Not only is this look beautiful, but it is fairly easy to achieve. You just need a little heat protectant spray and a large barrel curling iron (also some dexterity and little practice). I love this look so much that I know I will continue to rock into 2013, until I find a new trend that catches my eye.

2. Red Lips: Is it a trend if it is continuously reused to the point of being a classic. Yes and no. Confused yet? Ok, so red lips make an appearance at least once a year and is touted as the trend of a particular season. This year was no exception with red lips splashed all over the spring 2012 shows. A range of red of red lips could be seen on the models at Christian Dior, Jason Wu, and Yves Saint Laurent. Red can be trendy (remember when orange-red had a hot moment this year), but it can also be a classic that can amp up any beauty look. The trick to making red not seem so scary is to find the right red for you. If you do nothing else this year, find a red lipstick that makes you feel like one sexy ahem…. you know.

Did I miss any great or deplorable beauty trends?