Beauty Guru: My Worst Fall Beauty Mistakes

I don't like to make mistakes, especially when it comes to all things beauty related. After all, as a cosmetologist, I've got an image to uphold. But seriously, I'm only human, I'm often in a hurry, and I usually get dressed and put my makeup on while it's still pretty dark out. I'm sure you know these are not great combinations for looking beautiful. So I'll fess up and tell you about my fall beauty mistakes. And hopefully, you'll be able to learn from mine and not have to make any of your own. Please don't hold it against me; I've learned my lesson, so here it goes.

Foundation that doesn't match. We tend to tan, even unintentionally, in the bright, summer sun, which means most of us need a slightly darker foundation in the summer. But don't do what I did and forget to switch back to a fairer hue when the cooler weather hits. Sadly, I completely forgot to return to my cool-weather foundation, which meant the color on my face did not match the color on my neck and d├ęcolletage. You can prevent this mistake by regularly checking to make sure that your foundation makes the skin on your face look the same as on your neck, and by making sure your jaw line is perfectly blended. It's a lot easier to tell in the bright sun, so either check it out in your review mirror or take a mirror outside on a sunny day.

Grown out roots. Once back-to-school returns and the fall schedule gets busy, it's hard for me to schedule some quality time with my fav hairdresser. However, this means I made one major mistake -- letting my roots grow out way too far. You might think that there are worse things in life than grown out roots, but if the last time you had your hair colored was the beginning of the summer (guilty as charged), you might want to rethink your hair salon schedule. Besides, the end of the summer is the perfect time to get some warmer, darker tones put in your hair for fall. You can avoid making my mistake by scheduling quality time with your stylist every 4 to 6 weeks.

Lack of lip color. I love all things eye makeup -- eye shadows, eye liners, and, of course, mascara. But a heavily done up eye with no lip color looks pretty off balanced. A soft lip gloss with a hint of berry or cream would have balanced out the look without being overdone.

So apparently, even us cosmetologists and beauty pros can get a little lazy about our own beauty routines. If you're not sure where it is you're lacking, ask a close friend to give you an honest, but kind, answer. Better yet, take your own selfie and look at it with fresh eyes. Maybe you'll see a few beauty mistakes you need to fix - or maybe you'll just love the way you look.

Amanda Furbeck is a Yahoo Shine Beauty Guru, cosmetologist, and blogger at Read more of Amanda's articles at Yahoo Shine.