Beauty trend for fall: Geometric eye makeup

Tips for creating a geometric eyeliner design

The fall fashion and beauty scene is full of bold colors, bright patterns, and big accessories. In terms of makeup, there seem to be two extremes: the all-natural glowing look and the dramatic geometric eye. By now, most of us have mastered the natural look when it comes to fresh skin, nude lips, and doe eyes. It's certainly been in style for enough seasons in a row! But the geometric eye is a new creation that many women will try (with varying levels of success) for the first time this fall. Don't make a mistake on your first outing with this beauty look; follow this guide to get it right.

Geometry At Its Brightest

One of the keys to the geometric eye is your use of color. With such a bold and dramatic look, you wouldn't want to attempt this elaborate design with a baby pink eyeliner. Instead, opt for seasonal colors like teal, amethyst, and other jewel tones. For an evening look, combine a bright eye shadow with a geometric design in black eyeliner. Have a little fun with this. After all, if you're embracing such a daring trend, you can't be timid about it, can you?

Execution & Design

To pull of the geometric eyeliner look for yourself, there are four things you must use, according to

  • Perfect execution of your design (you should practice as much as possible!)
  • Balanced, subtle lips to complement the bright eye without competing for attention.
  • Good colors to make the eye really pop (see above).
  • The right outfit. Obviously, you don't want to pair a demure sundress with a bold eye. Go for more modern looks to complement this daring design.

Together, these elements combine for a truly unique and sensational look. Spotted on the season's fashion runways, the geometric eyeliner is ready and waiting for you to discover for yourself.

How To Design a Geometric Eye

One of the best features of the geometric eyeliner trend is how versatile and open-ended it really is. There's no set way to draw this design, so you have the ability to create your own interpretation to best flatter your own eye shape. With practice, you can find the right geometric shapes for you.

Try a simple double line design for starters. Draw the first line as usual, just along the lash line like a normal eyeliner application. Then, make a second line above the crease. For something different, curve the first line up at the end to create a second half-line that will be hidden when your eyes are open.

Another approach involves creating the second line on the lower lid, also close to the lash line. You can connect the lines into a modern cat-eye design or add detailing at the edges of your eyeliner. Fill in your eyelids with streaks of bold, bright colors or add dots if you're looking for something more unusual.

When creating a geometric line, it's important to use a well sharpened pencil or fresh liquid liner brush to execute the design. These lines should be crisp and well-defined, so no smudging or blending! Design the eye you like the best and wear it with confidence for fall 2012.


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