Make your bedroom feel bigger with modern decor

21st Century decor is all about cleanliness, functionality and minimalism. We're rushing about doing a million things a day, and our bedrooms have to accommodate this hectic lifestyle. With a limited budgets and space, modern decor can make your bedroom feel bigger and more fun to live in. Here's how.

Combine Your Bed with Your Closet

A unique modern decor design incorporates the bed into a wall unit that acts as a closet too. While there are closet doors towering over, beside and under the bed, in the middle of this so-called closet you'll find a square cavity, and that's where the bed fits in. If you choose to decorate your bedroom with this modern wall unit, you'll have tons of storage space and your bed won't be in the way.

Select a Lanky but Stylish Desk and Chair

The beauty of modern decor lies in its simplicity. Look for a slim looking desk without drawers, to keep the silhouette clean. If you can find a desk with angled legs or a curvy top-in short, something that will give it a unique feel-your room will look bigger and more chic. And be sure to match your chair to the modern style of your desk.

Use a Playful Color Palette

While modern decor is clean and pale, relying on whites and sandy tones, be sure to add a little pizazz to the overall effect. Paint the wall behind your bed (in the recess of the wall unit) in pale lime. Then paint a similar back wall behind your desk. If lime isn't your favorite color, choose another pale version of a bright color, such as lilac, periwinkle blue, or apricot.

Display a Colorful, Rough Rug at the Center

There may be no call for flowers or oriental patterns in your modern bedroom, but you can make up for that with a bright shade. Often outdoor rugs have that "rough looking" quality that adds an edge to modern decor. Choose a single-toned rug in rusty, earth tones to give your modern bedroom a beautiful, clean look.

Decorate with Words

Modern decor is all about simple sophistication. Look for wooden alphabet letters at a craft store. Use the letters to fashion words on a shelf, or hang messages on your wall. You can even create a quotation from your favorite poem.

Hang a Message Board above Your Bed

A message board is both functional and chic. Paint a piece of wood with three coats of magnetic paint. Once dry, paint over it in a shade that will match your room. Hang this message board above your bed, then use chic looking fridge magnets to hang messages on your homemade magnetic board.

Keep your small bedroom feeling bigger and your modern decor cleaner by avoiding clutter. Store all your stuff away in your wall unit and avoid over-decorating with pillows, paintings and knick knacks.

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