Beetlejuice-inspired fashion: How to wear bold vertical stripes

Vertical stripes may remind you of Beetlejuice, or give you circus flashbacks, but don't let an odd first impression stop you from incorporating this dramatic pattern into a stylish wardrobe.

Vertical stripes are nothing new. Pinstripes are as classic and as mainstream as you can get. Pinstripes are not the pattern this article refers to though. No, the new vertical stripes are wide with bold, contrasting colors. They are also super intimidating to wear, but the following tips will help you pull together flattering outfits that will infuse you with confidence.

Keep it simple, sweetheart (K.I.S.S.): While fashion blogs and runways are full of encouragement to mix prints and patterns, the easiest way to style dramatic stripes is to pair with solid pieces. Yes, K.I.S.S. with a solid black top, black ballet flats and a fitted black jacket are the perfect companions for wide black and white striped slacks.

Update in a flash: If vertical pants are an investment you are not ready to make, consider a pair of bold legwear like these black on black pantyhose or opaque black and white Music Legs. The black vertical stripes add a touch of stylish whimsy to your look. Pair with high-waist black shorts and short motorcycle boots for a fashionable nod to a punk rock biker style.

Optical illusions: Vertical stripes have the leg-lengthening effect you expect, but they can also widen your shape if you are not careful. An American Apparel shiny metallic mini skirt is one way to wear stripes without widening your shape. The subtle color contrast combined with the high-waist showcase your legs. Pair with a sleek top, solid opaque tights and wedge ankle booties for a fun evening look.

Balance is key: Wide leg pants always call for a more form-fitting top, but never was this truer than when you are sporting wide vertical stripes as well. Bring balance to flowing slacks with a fitted top. From there you can add more balance with a scarf or chunky necklace if necessary.

Confidence is the unspoken element to any outfit. Whatever you decide to wear, give yourself a good once over in the mirror before leaving the house and then move with confidence because you know how great you look!

Sylvie Branch:

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