Best After-College Careers in 2013

Now that college graduation is out of the way, many new grads are busy applying for entry-level positions and paid internships. Making the transition to the working world after college can be a challenge, but you can explore a number of job titles and career paths shortly after graduation to set yourself on the right track. Applying for entry-level positions that offer opportunities for growth and advancement can set you up for career you'll love.

Here are some of the best after-college careers for 2013:

Merchandise Planner

If you have a degree in fashion or retail merchandising, marketing, or business administration, consider applying for an entry-level position as a merchandise planner. This is among the highest-paying entry-level positions for new grads and involves coordinating activities of buyers or purchasing agents for a company.

Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Break into the world of sales as a pharmaceutical sales rep and start putting your sales, marketing, and communications skills to work. These reps are responsible for educating physicians and medical professionals about different types of drugs their company produces, delivering product samples, and keeping in touch with physicians in their territory. The world of pharmaceuticals is a rapidly-growing industry, and beginning your career as a sales rep in this field offers a lot of potential for growth.

Business Analyst

Love working with numbers and data? Help companies improve business performance by being the go-to person for analyzing data, providing reports on data trends, and monitoring metrics. You'll find a number of business analyst and sales analyst positions with technology firms, as well some marketing companies and market research firms. According to Monster, demand for business analysts will continue to be strong as more companies have a need for sophisticated data reports and metrics.

Software Developer

If you went to school for computer science, apply for an entry-level position as a software developer. Developers are responsible for managing or creating applications, and improving existing programs or operating systems based on company goals. Like many jobs in the technology field, software developers will be in high demand for decades to come so you can look forward to plenty of growth opportunities with the right company, according to Forbes.

Public Relations Associate

If you're passionate about public relations and marketing, apply for entry-level positions as an associate or assistant with a PR firm or marketing company. These positions typically involve working side-by-side with an experienced public relations professional, handling administrative duties, and working on different types of press and media projects. An entry-level position in this field with a reputable firm can provide valuable work experience and a strong network of contacts.