Best places to meet single guys when you're by yourself

The chances are higher that you'll meet someone when you're by yourself than when you're out with your friends. Guys feel less intimidated approaching a woman when they know they don't have to contend with her friends as well. For those of you who feel awkward going to a bar or other man-saturated locale by yourself, there are several other places to visit where you could meet the quality guy you've always wanted.


You love to read, he's into books as well, and the two of you meet while reaching for the same book. Okay, so maybe it won't happen exactly like that, but it's certainly possible to meet a great guy at a bookstore. Instead of rushing in, buying a book and leaving, spend a little time wandering around, pull up a chair, get a coffee and enjoy some relaxation. In that time, be on the look out for your next guy.


Those who work from home often complain how difficult it is to meet someone new. Rather than hunker down on your couch, head over to a cafe to work. There are always others there by themselves typing away. One of them could just be your perfect match.


I once met a guy in a supermarket when my vertically-challenged self was trying to reach the hummus on the top shelf and a nice guy rushed over to help me. The supermarket is a surprisingly great place to meet guys! Another option, besides requesting assistance in reaching something, is asking for a guy's opinion on a particular product or dish. The evening hours are the best time to go.

Dog park

The dog park is filled with cute dogs and their attractive owners, so grab your pet and head over for a couple of hours. It's a great way for your dog to socialize and for you to do the same. The best times to go are on the weekends in the morning and afternoons or right after work during the week.


One of the reasons a laundromat is a good place to meet guys is because everyone is just sitting around and waiting for their clothes to finish. There's not much else to do besides stare at the clothes going around, read and talk to people. Don't hesitate to start up a conversation!

Public transportation

You're on a train or bus by yourself while squished up against a hot guy. Why wouldn't you strike up a conversation with him? Even if you're extremely shy, keep in mind that the chances are slim you're ever going to run into him again, so just go for it. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

The gym

Meeting a guy at the gym can be a bit tricky as there are some who prefer to go there, work out and go home without socializing. However, if a guy is glancing your way and you can sense there's obvious interest and he's not just trying to hint that you get off the machine he wants to use, maneuver over in his direction and make your move.

When you're out and about by yourself, you should obviously make sure you watch out for your safety, but that doesn't mean dismissing any guy who looks your way. Use your intuition and trust your gut. Be open to meeting someone new even if you're just running errands. You could end up meeting the guy of your dreams all because you went to pick up takeout for dinner.

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