Biggest mistakes you can make during sex

Sex can be absolutely fantastic, but it takes both individuals putting in the effort to make the experience worth it. Although many over think it and worry about making mistakes, sex is actually pretty difficult to screw up if you know the mistakes to avoid. What it all comes down to are three things - enjoying yourself, making sure your partner enjoys himself and allowing yourself to let go of negative thoughts holding you back. There are several ways you can do all that by avoiding making certain mistakes in bed.

Not being groomed/ hygienic

Obviously there are times when sex is going to be completely unexpected, but you should always be showered, cleaned up and groomed before you come in contact with a guy you might sleep with. Even if you think you're only running out to dinner for an hour with friends, you never know what the night can turn into, so be prepared at any time just in case.

Checking your phone

This may sound absolutely insane that I even have to put this on here, but there are actually quite a few who actually check their phone during sex. At least a handful of people told me they've answered a phone call or responded to a text while they were in the middle of sex with their partner. If you're one of those who does this, you probably shouldn't be having sex with the person currently in your bed.

Making little to no noise

Sex isn't a silent movie. I'm not saying go all out with banshee screams, but you need to make some noise otherwise the guy is going to think you're not enjoying yourself at all. Many guys are incredibly sensitive when it comes to sex, so if he thinks he's not pleasuring you, it's going to crush his ego. Don't be afraid to make some noise; it's natural and anyone who's had sex before is used to it.

Worrying too much

I can't emphasize enough how worrying too much during sex can kill the entire experience. Keep that in mind any time you start to worry about whether or not he'll like sex with you. Just focus on enjoying yourself and the experience and you'll skyrocket the chances that he'll be happy too. If you're one of the many who worry about their body, you'd be surprised how high the chances are that he doesn't notice all the flaws you notice about yourself. I've talked to many guys who told me they loved the woman's body and didn't mention a flaw at all.

Asking numerous questions

I absolutely cannot stand when a guy asks me question after question during (or after) sex. One or two - okay fine - but that's all it should be. Don't keep asking him if he's having a good time, if it feels good, if he's enjoying himself, if you're doing it right, etc. Have the confidence that you're doing everything right and he'll be able to pick up on that.

Just laying there

Unless you're trying to imitate a rock, there's no excuse to just lay there during sex. Other than making noise, you also have to move your body. Again, he's going to think you're hating the experience if it doesn't seem like you're enjoying yourself. If you feel awkward and aren't sure what to do with your body, start out by pulling your legs up so they're parallel with his body or wrapping your legs around his back, then just go from there.

Not paying attention to your partner

Don't over-analyze the guy, but pay attention to the signs he's giving you to know what's working for him and what he wants. You'll be able to tell from his body language and sounds as well as the verbal cues. He may also be one of those who passes up on the verbal and just leads your hand or body to where he'd like you to go. Of course it's your choice whether or not to go for it, but any time you're having sex, make sure to pay attention to your partner to ensure both of you enjoy the experience.

Don't be so worried about making mistakes during sex that you freak yourself out and panic. Sex is supposed to be fun and a great experience, not something that causes anxiety. Keep the aforementioned tips in mind if you want to increase the chances that both of you will enjoy yourselves and revel in what's going on in the bed rather than what could (and likely won't) go wrong.

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