Biggest relationship mistakes that women make in their 20s

Check you out, chica. I see you strutting your stuff. You are in your 20s and you are just beginning to realize that the world is your delicious oyster. You are beautiful, powerful, and youthful. So why don't you really know that in your gut?

Stop making these relationship mistakes right now!

You are putting being in a relationship above your own happiness.

Being in a relationship is wonderful. When love is full, passionate, and healthy there is nothing like it. Here's the rub: most of us think that we should be in a relationship at any cost and that's not fun. In my 20s, I was a serial monogamist. I spent my entire life in long term relationships. When we don't spend any time purposefully single, we don't get to learn ourselves.

If you feel that any man is better than no man then you need to have a lifestyle passionista goddess year. The main gist is that you are single on purpose for 12 full months of dating heaven. You can do that, right? Let the fun begin.

You are getting too serious too soon.

Dating is fun, but sometimes in our delirium, desperation and confusion, we forget that. Every date need not lead to your happily ever after. Relax and live your life. This is a great time to sample all of the cookies in the cupboard, from oatmeal to double chocolate chip.

You don't really need a permanent date right this minute. Enjoy yourself and the opportunity to be purposefully selfish in a healthy way.

You may be dating people who are too old or too young for you.

Some women in their 20s are still stuck on what they thought was hot in college or high school. You are a grown woman. Let that teen crush go. Other women in their 20s are in Papi mode and hooking up with sugar daddies. Work your daddy issues out with a therapist, not a boyfriend.

Look, whatever you do is your business. However, if your man is too old or too young when you're in your 20s, you are cheating yourself out of having a fully evolved relationship. A man way older than you is probably not seeing you as his true equal and a man way younger than you may be too immature.

Love, sex and dating are an interesting experiment when you're in your 20s. It's a tricky time with many possible potholes. Date wisely my friend, but have fun and enjoy your life.

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