5 Secrets to Looking Fit in a Bikini

Freaked out about fitting in your bikini? Don't be. Just read these amazing tips to look hotter in your swimsuit. No diet required! Plus: Find out how to pick the best swimsuit for your body type.

1) If you know you're going to hit the beach the next day or you have a pool party planned, apply some self-tanner the night before. Focus primarily on the outer and inner sides of your thighs and your tummy area. You'll want to shower in the morning so that you're fresh, but the subtle, extra color will make you more confident.

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2) Instead of rushing to lay down your towel on the beach, take a couple extra minutes to discreetly dig a little hole (you can use your foot) in the shape of a large bowl. Then place your towel over the area and slide your bum in that secret spot. So sneaky, but so effective!

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3) Avoid the stuff that makes you puff. This includes but is not limited to caffeine, alcohol, salt, and dairy. Instead of kicking back at the pool with a soda or an ice cream cone, stay hydrated and nourished with water, fruit, and veggies.

4) One word: Sarongs. They are versatile enough to use as a cover-up for just your bottom or as a little dress for more coverage. Choose one with a sheer fabric to keep the style looking seductive, not shy.

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5) Good posture can create the illusion that you're several pounds thinner than when you're slouching. So keep your shoulders down and think about trying to bring your shoulder blades closer together. This will automatically push your chest out and you'll feel the urge to lift your chin too.

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