7 Body-Slimming Foods to Keep in Your Fridge

If you're trying to keep your waistline in check this summer, fill your fridge with snacks that satisfy and slim. Here, nutritionist Robyn Flipse, M.S., R.D., shares her suggestions for the best foods to help you lose weight and get bikini-ready.

Throughout the summer, stock up on an array of seedless watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew to cube and have on hand when you feel the urge to "pick." Their high moisture content dilutes the calories per serving and provides you with more water - a great way to hydrate and feel fuller sooner.
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Fat-Free Yogurt
Protein-rich dairy foods have been shown to aid in weight loss, so try starting your day with a yogurt parfait. Layer your favorite fat-free yogurt (try f-- e 0%, which is thick and super-creamy) with berries and crushed nuts or granola. Bonus tip: This makes a great dessert, too!
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Summer Vegetables
You'll benefit from keeping vegetables such as zucchini, yellow squash, and red, green, and orange peppers on hand to make meals more flavorful and filling, with fewer calories. Use them in wraps or to fill out pasta dishes, serve them as a side dish, or keep it simple and pile them high on a plate sprinkled with freshly grated cheese.
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Low-Fat Dips, Dressings, and Spreads
Potentially dangerous food fatigue is brought on by eating boring food. A varied selection of low-fat dips and dressings will keep your taste buds stimulated and make it easier to get those five servings a day of fruits and vegetables down. Try any of the Sabra Mediterranean dips, spicy salsas, or a yogurt-based dressing! Hint: Try a spicy wasabi dip for veggies, or a sweet yogurt and sugar-free jam dip for fruit!
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Rotisserie-Cooked Turkey or Chicken Breast
Keep a Tupperware container filled with precooked chicken or turkey breast in easy reach. These are convenient sources of protein that keep your blood sugar from dipping and your appetite from rising. Eat them cold or reheated; sliced, diced, or cut into strips; alone or on salads and in fajitas.
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Mini Versions of Your Favorite Drinks
Just because you're cutting back on calories doesn't mean you have to cut out everything you love. Just look for smaller-sized versions of your favorite drinks. For soda lovers, Coca-Cola offers a new 90-calorie Coca-Cola Mini can as an option.
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Water, Water, Water

When you're trying to lose weight and exercising more, water should become your new best friend, but it's not always easy to drink the required eight glasses a day. Experiment with calorie-free flavored waters like Vitaminwater zero. They can satisfy your taste buds and keep you hydrated on your way to the beach!
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What's your favorite healthy summertime snack? Do you find that your snacking habits change season-to-season?

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