Beach Bag Essentials That Won't Weigh You Down

We can't believe that Fourth of July is this weekend. This also marks for us, the real start of the heat-heavy summer, which in turn equals more beach time. Here's what we'll be toting to the shore this weekend, to ensure that everything from our lips to our hair is protected. Then, check out the best sunglasses for every face shape.

SuperGoop SPF 30 Wipes

Being safe in the sun has never been easier - just swipe and go. These wipes are especially good for wriggly little ones and for times you need last-minute sun protection. Bonus: No sticky, greasy hands from rubbing in sunscreen! $36,

Burt's Bees Sun Protecting Lip Balm SPF 8

This lip balm tastes and smells sweet, and the UVA/UVB protection wards off sunburned lips. The formula isn't super tacky so you won't have to worry about your hair sticking to your lips. $4,

Sand Gone

No matter how hard you try, sand always manages to stay on your skin. You end up finding it everywhere, which is never an easy feat. This genius invention is a powder formula that you dust onto skin and voilà - sand is gone! $12 + S&H,

Bobble Water Bottle

Keeping in check with money-saving and greener-living ways, take a pass on the Poland Spring water bottles and grab one of these guys with a built-in filter instead. That way, you can fill up at the water fountain but still know that your family is getting a healthy, clean H2O fix. $9.95,

Goody Shower Comb

Wet, knotty hair can be as miserable as getting sand in your bathing suit bottom. Gently detangle your jungle of a mane with a wide-tooth comb. The flexible teeth help prevent snagging and breakage. $2.99,

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