Beach Wedding Workout—3 Moves to Absolutely Stunning

Getting married this summer? Consider our little shower gift.

It's the fastest route this side of cosmetic surgery to looking your most breathtakingly beautiful in a strapless, backless, streamline gown.

We asked the experts at Bally Total Fitness to design a special workout for Shine brides-to-be, who want to wow-make that will wow- a crowd in the dress of a lifetime, but who also have no time to breathe. Seven Boggs and Dave Van Daff got it down to three moves. Each one targets an area you'll be baring-shoulders, arms, back-while doing double duty on your abs, butt, and legs. So the next day when you scrap the wedding attire for your bikini, you're ready to honeymoon. Sound good? Just say "I do."

What you'll need: A set of hand weights-3, 5, and 8 pounds. And if you have a fitness ball, great; otherwise you can substitute.

The time it takes: Try to give yourself 30 minutes in the morning to do this, says Seven (named after the number of luck), who demos the moves below. "Put on your headphones, zone out, and focus on yourself. In all the craziness of worrying and planning for everyone else, this as your time. It's like a meditation."

For extra weight loss: "Cut your sweets in half until the big day," says Van Daff. "Then reward yourself with wedding cake. And eliminate whole-fat dairy, white bread, and white rice. Think of it as avoiding white until you're wearing it."


Do this sequence a total of three times.


* This multi-purpose move defines the front of your shoulders, tones your legs, and tightens your tush. It also works your core. * Use 3-5 pound weights. If you don't have a ball, substitute a stable bench, chair, or step that is knee-height or lower * Do 10-15 reps on one leg; then 10-15 reps on the other

1. Standing holding the weights, palms facing your thighs, place your right foot on top of the ball, toes pointed. (If you're using a bench or step, tuck your toes under.) Your left foot should be about 2 feet in front.

2. Simultaneously bend your left knee to lower into a
one-legged squat while raising your arms straight out just above shoulder level. The ball will roll back. (If you're not using one, you're back leg won't extend.)

3. Return to the starting position by straightening your left leg while rolling the ball toward you with your right foot; your arms come back down in front of your thighs. Once you've finished the reps on this side, switch legs.

* This two-in-one move works both the front and back of your arms; the added twist of the wrist gives you extra definition. * Use 5-8 pound weights * Do at least 15 reps

1. For your starting position (left), stand with your torso bent at a 45-degree angle, elbows raised slightly higher than your back and pinned to your sides. The palms are turned in.

2. Extend your arms straight back (right).

3. Bend your elbows and curl your forearms in front of you (below), twisting your wrists so the palms face away from each other. (When you look down the dumbells should be in a V position.) Return to starting position.

*This move targets the upper back, front of your shoulders, and abs from every which way. * Use 5-8 pound weights * Do 25-35 reps

1. Lie on your back, legs bent, knees and feet together. With your arms straight above your head, hold the dumbbells with the backs of your hands touching the floor.

2. Raise your hands toward the ceiling, fully extending the arms.

3. Now come up, keeping your back straight, until you're in a sit-up as you simultaneously raise the dumbells over your head.

4. Slowly roll your spine back down to the starting position.

After finishing the sequence, go back to the first move and do it two more times. With each breath, think about how smashing you'll be walking down the aisle.

What are your biggest worries about the big day?

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