Five Food Swaps to Save You Ten Pounds in a Year

Sick of chowing down on lettuce leaves and carrot sticks and the scale still reads "you're not the biggest loser?" Well, with bikini season aproaching, it's time for an approach that will work - and not leave you feeling deprived. Tammy Lakatos Shames and Lyssie Lakatos, aka The Nutrition Twins, have five simple tips that you can work into your daily diet to help you drop ten pounds in a year -- without even breaking a sweat.

1. Ditch the butter on your morning toast or bread. If you replace one tablespoon of butter a day with a butter spray, that'll save you ten pounds in a year. Not ready to go the spray way? Then try a light spread. That'll knock off five pounds a year. And you'll find yourself consuming less saturated fat, no transfats and no hydrogenated oils.

2. Say goodbye to processed snacks. A handful of those bad boys can weigh in at as much as 150 calories. And who eats just a handful! Instead, go for higher fiber, higher protein snacks, such as pistachios. Now, before you start ranting about how high in calories nuts are - pistachios are "the skinny nut." You can eat about 30 of 'em - and take in only 100 calories.

3. Hold the mayo. Those two tablespoons of mayo on your sandwich contain 200 calories of artery clogging fat. Instead, try three slices - or about one ounce - of avocado. Do that four times a week, and you'll save 10 pounds over a year.

4. Go topless. Lose one slice of bread and have yourself an open-faced sandwich. Do it every day, and you can knock off ten pounds in year.

5. Cut the liquid calories. We're talking about those sodas you down every day. Instead, try water or unsweetened tea. That alone can save you 15 pounds over a year. But if water's too bland, try something healthy with reduced calories and sugar - such as Tropicana's Trop 50. Half the sugar but all your daily dose of vitamin C.

To learn more about the Nutrition Twins, visit their website or check out their books The Secret to Skinny and Fire Up Your Metabolism.

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