How to Make Celebrity Diet Secrets Work for You!

How do they do it? We mere mortals seem to struggle with every bite while celebs maintain their perfect shapes. To find out, we enlisted the help of John Stewart, the owner of Sunfare, a food delivery service that works with many of Hollywood's A-listers. John shared five celebrity diet secrets with us.

1. Speed up your metabolism by eating five small meals: breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner bedtime snack. Yes - a bedtime snack! It keeps your metabolism working while you sleep. And remember - this isn't a license to pig out! Read on for how to eat!

2. Each meal should have a balanced ratio of 30% protein, 40% carbs and 30% fats. Yes, fats! But good fats - nuts, avocado, olive oil and so on. Fats play an important role in keeping you feeling full and satisfied as well as regulating how much sugar is released into the blood stream.

3. Spice up lean protein. Diet foods don't have to be bland and boring. Add flavor so you'll enjoy what you're eating. Lemon on your salmon. Herbs, spice, salsas. The possibilities are endless! And you just might like it so much you'll stop thinking of it as "diet food."

4. Drink lots of water - 80 ounces a day. That's ten 8 ounce glasses. Besides keeping you hydrated, water can curb your hunger pangs. Drinking it before a meal can take the edge off your hunger. And drinking it with your meal can help fill you up.

5. Plan ahead. Don't wait until you're hungry to decide what to eat. That only leads to bad choices! When you're making dinner, cook a little extra for another meal or snack. You'll be amazed at how well you eat when you're not grabbing for everything in the fridge!

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