My Bikini Challenge: Charisse

Reduce cellulite, boost confidence, and feel amazing when you join the 2010 NIVEA Good-bye Cellulite Hello Bikini! Challenge. Real participant, Charisse, a cellulite sufferer who had developed some unhealthy eating habits, gives us a glimpse into her Challenge experience. Be sure to check out her documented progress video.

Feel the love of whole grains, fresh produce, and lean protein, along with 100-calorie treats every other day. In fact, it's the nutritionists' orders to help keep your diet on track for time to come. Speaking of staying on track, Charisse met with the Nutrition Twins, and learned how to dine out without sacrificing her bikini goals.

The Challenge amps up workout intensities to define those muscles to the max. With the help of celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins, Charisse got an incredible total body workout, with great exercises designed to target her inner thighs.

Finally, get set for our ultimate summer style checklist featuring beach bags, sexy sandals, and more. Since it's so close to bikini-time, we'll even show you how to treat yourself to a healthy, natural-looking tan that will show off your brand new confident bod. Take a look at the fabulous fashion tips Charisse learned from Shape Magazine Editor, Jeanine Detz, and check out her stylin' new suit!

Tune in to Chrisse's personal road to bikini-confidence, and remember-there's lots to look forward to this summer! So what are you waiting for? Get out and rock that bikini!