My Bikini Challenge: Niruthaya

Reduce cellulite, boost confidence, and feel amazing when you join the 2010 NIVEA Good-bye Cellulite Hello Bikini! Challenge. Real participant, Niruthaya, a cellulite sufferer who's looking to wear with flair her first-ever bikini, gives us a glimpse into her Challenge experience. Be sure to check out her documented progress video.

The Challenge aims to turn fat into fuel with more circuits and intervals. With the help of celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins, Niruthaya got the total body workout of her life, learning how to use her core and burn that stomach fat.

In the nutrition department, you'll learn how to make a healthy diet part of your lifestyle by cooking with fresh, flavorful ingredients and mastering the art of traveling with healthy "purse snacks". Speaking of healthy diet, Niruthaya met with the Nutrition Twins and learned simple ways to cut back on calorie-overload while enjoying her daily caffeine fix.

Also enjoy an exclusive bikini style guide, plus a new smoothing, soothing post-shower skin regimen that you totally deserve after so much hard work! Niruthaya learned some fabulous style tips and found the perfect bikini with help from Shape Magazine Editor, Jeanine Detz.

Tune in to Niruthaya's personal road to bikini-confidence, keep up with your NIVEA Good-Bye Cellulite Gel-cream regime, hang in there, and enjoy the ride!