Summer's Winding Down, But You Don't Have to Abandon Your Bikini Body!

We're bringing this article back by popular demand to show you how to keep looking just as fabulous in the fall.
- Debbie Emery,

Just because bikini season is over, don't slack off on your healthy eating habits and switch to comfort food, or skip the gym because of the shorter, darker days. Holiday season will be here before you know it, and you want to look hot for all the Christmas parties!

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New York-based celebrity trainer Thelonious 'T.J.' Johnson (below, right), who keeps CNN host Anderson Cooper in muscle-rippling shape, shares his top tips for getting - and maintaining - a great body.

Timing is everything. While people generally fit workouts into their schedule whenever they can, T.J. says doing cardio in the evening is most efficient because it burns off the calories that you ate during the day.

Go beyond the treadmill. A sexy body isn't just skinny, it's toned. T.J. suggests doing strength training sets as well as cardio intervals. For example, run one mile on the treadmill at the speed that's right for you, then do a set of 12 push-ups. Get back on the treadmill for another mile and follow with another set of 12 push-ups. Keep alternating. Your ultimate goal: go a total of five miles on the treadmill and an equal number of strength training sets. That's one tough workout that will change any body!

Have a ball. To get your abs into shape, T.J. recommends lying on a bosu ball (a half-round ball with a flat bottom) with your feet off the ground and curling up slowly. "Take deep breaths to get a better workout." Do as many times as you feel comfortable.

Take some time off, but make sure to push yourself. It's unrealistic to hit the gym every day, but aim for five days a week--and rest on the weekends.

Don't forget to eat. "Food is a large part of the game," says T.J. "Instead of crash dieting, think of it as a lifestyle." He recommends eating lean meat and aiming for five small meals a day, with a portion of protein in each.

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Remember, always check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Debbie Emery is a freelance writer who specializes in fitness and health.

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