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The Marine Mammal Center is the largest animal marine mammal rescue hospital in the world. They rescue and treat over 800 sea…

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The Hartsdale Pet Cemetery just north of New …

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Bridget recently sat down with Cesar Millan a…

  • The Marine Mammal Center is the largest animal marine mammal rescue hospital in the world. They rescue and treat over 800 sea lions, seals, otters, dolphins, and whales a year. With the help of over 1,100 volunteers the MMC patrols 600 miles of California coastline and assist in rescues of debris entanglements, gunshot victims, and abandoned pups.

    I recently spent a day with veterinarian, Dr. Bill Van Bonn, to learn about some of these special patients and what goes into caring for them. These wonderful creatures really stole my heart and I'm glad the Marine Mammal Center is there to take care of them.

    If you would like to learn how you can help save the lives of our ocean going friends please visit They rely on the generosity of people like you to save lives like these.

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  • The Hartsdale Pet Cemetery just north of New York City, has been open since 1896 and is the final resting place for 85,000 animals. Dogs and cats may make up the majority of pets buried here, but the cemetery also has horses, guinea pigs, rabbits, and even a lion cub buried on its grounds.

    The gravestones -- some funny, some sweet, some sad -- are a reminder of the love between animals and their people. "Only a dog could be so true," reads one; another describes the dog as his owner's "only friend".

    And while it may be Halloween, this pet cemetery isn't the stuff of horror movies; it's just a peaceful place filled with a lot of love.

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  • Think dog grooming is just about making dogs look clean and pretty? Think again. We visited this year's Groom Expo in Hershey, PA, where the Creative Grooming competition proved even dogs can get dressed up for Halloween.

    We saw dogs groomed to look like pandas, robots, muppets, Yoda, a fish, and even an octopus with tiger stripes. The goal here seemed to make a dog look like anything other than a dog.

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  • The surf was up at this year's Surf City Surf Dog Competition, which took place on September 30 in Huntington Beach, California. Dogs of all breeds and all sizes lined up to take on some big waves at the annual contest.

    It takes a certain kind of dog to stay standing on a surfboard on land, let alone out in the waves....and while they all had different personalities, each dog at this contest had one thing in common: they LOVED the water. A lot of them spent as much time in the ocean, swimming and getting tossed off their board, as they did standing up and riding the waves! When you're a dog, it's not about riding the longest wave; it's just about having fun and getting wet...and then shaking it all off.

    Hang ten! Or is it hang twenty?

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  • Bridget sat down with dog expert Cesar Millan to get some advice about adopting a great dog. Cesar offered five simple tips to get off on the right foot (or paw) with your new friend:

    1) Pick a dog with the right energy for you
    Look for a calm, low-to-medium energy dog. The highest energy dogs can be too much for you to handle in a home and are better suited to police work and search and rescue. Think you can tell the energy of a dog by its breed? Cesar says you can't. He demonstrated with the two dogs (one big, one little, both calm) that he brought with him to our interview. Energy level, he says, is more important than breed.

    2) Be the pack leader
    Your dog wants a leader! If you don't lead your dog, your dog will lead you and that leads to problems. Loving your dog (and showing it is important, but don't prioritize affection over leadership.

    3) Introduce your dog to its new home properly
    Get your dog accustomed to his or her new surroundings immediately. A long walk around t

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